Brand Marketing Executive, D2C 品牌行銷專員

D2C, Taipei

What You Will Do

- 協助服飾電商品牌之行銷策略規劃與執行
- 中型&微型網紅合作邀約聯繫、專案溝通、公關品寄送
- 與投手團隊合作,分析並優化廣告成效數據
- 每月依據實際銷售成效提供次月行銷策略、不斷優化行銷成效

. Assist in planning and executing marketing strategies for a fashion e-commerce brand.
. Collaborate with medium and micro-influencers, handling collaboration invitations, project communication, and PR product shipments.
. Work closely with the marketing team to analyze and optimize advertising performance data.
. Provide monthly marketing strategies based on actual sales performance, continuously optimizing marketing effectiveness.

Who You Are

- 曾於網紅行銷或整合行銷公司工作,或擔任服飾品牌行銷人員滿一年以上
- 熟悉時尚服飾品牌、快時尚品牌之行銷模式
- 英文程度中等以上(至少能文書/訊息溝通)

. At least one year of experience in influencer or integrated marketing, or as a marketing professional for a fashion brand.
. Familiar with marketing models for fashion apparel brands, especially in fast fashion.
. Fluent in English,  proficient in writing and messaging communication