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  • About AnyShop

    Maximize e-commerce site performance with rich data and visualization of effectiveness

    AnyShop enables individuals and businesses to drive key e-commerce activities from building and operating online stores, to the implementation of marketing measures, improved logistics costs and customer support.

  • Built with Shopify, enhanced by AnyMind

    E-commerce site development

    Building on top of Shopify's exemplary platform, users can easily tap onto direct integrations such as AnyFactory, AnyLogi and AnyManager to enhance e-commerce store infrastructure.

    • High-quality and fast initial build and operational support
    • Certified expertise
    • Tap on Shopify's app marketplace
    Built with Shopify, enhanced by AnyMind
  • Supercharge your digital presence

    E-commerce marketplace operations

    On top of having your own e-commerce store, AnyMind Group also provides you with the necessary resources to set up shop in e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Rakuten, Shopee and Lazada - from online store construction to store optimization based on deep data.

    • Store development and creative production
    • SEO and advertising strategies
    • PDCA optimization to maximize sales
    Supercharge your digital presence
  • Local and cross-market expertise

    Comprehensive logistics support

    AnyLogi provides you with a one-stop platform to handle your logistics needs - from product warehousing to delivery and customer support - both domestically and internationally.

    • End-to-end logistics on a single platform
    • Rich functionality with an intuitive interface
    • Propose and implement logistics strategies domestically and internationally
    Local and cross-market expertise
  • Logistics and customer support

    Regional expansion

    With a local presence across 13 markets and 17 offices around the region, you can easily tap on local resources for strategizing, customer support and logistics from markets across Southeast Asia, East Asia, India and the Middle East.

    • Propose and implement sales strategies by tapping on local expertise
    • Optimize logistics with integrations of local and regional e-commerce and logistics partners
    Logistics and customer support
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