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We empower brands of all sizes to supercharge business growth through point solutions or an integrated suite that covers key elements of next-gen commerce, from cloud manufacturing and e-commerce enablement to marketing, logistics and more.

How we help you grow

Tap on individual products or an integrated suite of solutions to create, sell, market and deliver products domestically and internationally, unlocking borderless next-generation commerce for brands.

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Easily create products through cloud manufacturing any time, any where, providing you with unrestricted access to hundreds of factories and manufacturers across the region. Manage your entire manufacturing chain within a single platform, enabling you to do so much more.

Tap over 200 manufacturers across Asia
Work with a wide network and variety of manufacturers for easy and scaled access to find the best partners to meet your needs, including product type, production volume and cost.
Find the most suitable factory based on past evaluations
Our platform is constantly evaluating the performance of each factory based on feedback received including past transactions and manufacturing performance, enabling more accurate recommendations.
Process management efficiency
The built-in project management tool provides you with an easy way to feedback on specifications and manage your manufacturing process, enabling you to avoid communication barriers, inadequacies or omissions.


In addition to the construction and implementation of your e-commerce portals, we provide you with tools that supercharge your e-commerce infrastructure, including site optimization and traffic analysis, automation capabilities with our manufacturing and logistics tools, and more.

E-commerce site development and operations
We help you to design, develop and implement your e-commerce site to fit your own requirements, ensuring scalability and usability for your digital storefront.
Customer and channel insights and optimization
Easily tap on analytics tools to identify opportunities and gaps, optimization tools for site acceleration, push notification features and more, and marketing platforms to drive users to your e-commerce platform.
Powerful integrations for supply chain automation
Direct integrations and data synergy across AnyMind Group's solutions suite including manufacturing and logistics provides you with a one-stop digital business infrastructure.


Tap on AnyMind Group's proprietary software in digital marketing and influencer marketing to drive next-generation commerce.

Influencer marketing
Supercharge your influencer marketing activities today through our proprietary influencer marketing platform and in-market expertise.
Digital marketing
Through a powerful platform, you can now tap on a single solution for your digital marketing initatives, from web and in-app to DOOH advertising and more.
Social media marketing
Leverage on key tools to drive your social media growth across varied social media platforms and supercharge your SNS marketing activities.


End-to-end solution that enables brands to manage and integrate fulfillment process through our international network of e-commerce shopping carts and logistics partners.

Real-time status updates and inventory syncronization
Real-time updates for orders, warehousing, storage and shipping, along with automatic reflection of actual inventory count by linking with e-commerce platforms.
Customization of packaging to match brand needs
On top of product shipping using your own materials, you can also create and use custom packaging materials.
Cross-border e-commerce for both local and overseas markets
Easily implement advanced logistics strategies by utilizing a range of local and international logistics partners.

Cross-border expansion

With in-market presence across Southeast Asia, East Asia, India and the Middle East, our team of consultants provide you with support for go-to-market strategy and cross-border expansion across markets.

Integrated support for overseas expansion
With just a fixed monthly fee, you'll be able to utilize a team of consultants that provide in-market expertise and overseas expansion of products and services.
E-commerce tailored for each market
Integrated support from starting up to operational support across e-commerce channels that match the needs and behavior of domestic consumers.
White-gloved marketing and logistics support
Highly-flexible marketing and logistics support, including revenue-sharing models based on deployment scale, product potential and customer needs.