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AnyMind Group provides individuals and businesses with a suite of best-in-class technology and solutions to enable businesses to break down borders and drive efficiency and scale.


GROVE is a Japan-based influencer network that was acquired by AnyMind Group in January 2020.

ENGAWA provides communication support for overseas and inbound markets, including foreign language media management and influencer marketing, and was acquired by AnyMind Group in January 2021.

Moindy is a creator network in Thailand, and was acquired by AnyMind Group in March 2019. Moindy now belongs under the AnyCreator of AnyMind Group.

Acqua Media is a publisher trading desk in Hong Kong, and was acquired by AnyMind Group in August 2018. Acqua Media now belongs under AnyManager brand of AnyMind Group.

FourM is a publisher trading desk in Japan, and was acquired by AnyMind Group in October 2017. FourM now belongs under AnyManager brand of AnyMind Group.

AnyMind Group and SUNNY SIDE UP set up joint venture, AnyUp. AnyUp is a new breed of public relations-tech companies in Japan, leveraging on AnyMind Group’s social media and influencer marketing expertise, network and technology, and SUNNY SIDE UP’s content discovery and public relations capabilities.

AnyMind Group acquired POKKT Mobile Ads in March 2020. POKKT’s key offerings include in-app video ads, rich media innovations and app performance marketing.


AnyX powers forward-thinking businesses to do more and achieve more through a powerful suite of proprietary tools and integrations for business analytics, manufacturing, e-commerce, marketing, logistics and more. AnyX is more than just a product, it's a way to do business.

Through AnyFactory, a cloud manufacturing platform that connects with over 200 factories across Asia, you can now find the best manufacturer for your desired products.

We don't just help you create and operate your e-commerce site, but also enable you to leverage on tools used by some of the largest websites in the world.

Comprehensive solutions for the monetization of online media, including the launch of mobile apps and more to maximize brand value.

Robust conversational and chat commerce platform to drive purchases and turn customers into engaged fans.

Supercharge your influencer marketing activities today through our proprietary influencer marketing platform and in-market expertise.

Through a powerful platform, you can now tap on a single solution for your digital marketing initiatives, from implementation to reporting.

End-to-end solution that enables D2C and e-commerce merchants to manage and integrate fulfillment process through our international network of e-commerce shopping carts and logistics partners.

Utilize data across your online and social media channels to understand what your target customers are interested in, and design, plan and market your brand.

Marketplace for influencer products and merchandise.

AnyStyle.Tokyo is an influencer network of foreign resident and overseas social media influencers and content creators with a focus around Japanese culture, products, services and locations.

AnyTalent is the operating system for HR professionals to streamline areas including payroll, employee management and more, all done through a single, automated platform.

D2C Brands

A fitness apparel brand by Edward Kato, offering high-performance fitness wear that can be used not only as training wear but also as athleisure-styled fashion for daily wear. LÝFT also offers original protein supplements that can be purchased on a subscription basis.

A D2C apparel brand for petite females produced by Chihiro Inohana, a petite fashion model from Japan. The brand specalizes in products for female adults in their late 20s to 30s and petite frames (140 to 155 cm).

A D2C apparel brand produced by Japanese YouTube duo, Yutasena, sporting popular and colorful wear. The duo is highly popular amongst teenagers in Japan.

A D2C lifestyle brand for Japanese teenagers produced by junior high school YouTube personality, Myuu. The brand offers apparel, stationery and home goods.

A D2C cosmetic brand produced by Futeko, a popular Japanese YouTube creator with Gen Z.

A D2C women's fashion brand produced by Tanakaga, part of Japanese YouTube duo Paparapys.

A D2C unisex apparel brand with the concept of creating youthful clothing for adults, produced by JinJin, part of Japanese YouTube duo Paparapys.

A D2C lifestyle brand produced by Japanese college student vlogger "okisvlog". The brand offers apparel, stationery and home goods.

Official online merchandise store for Dufy and Luno - popular cats on YouTube.

D2C jewelry brand by Rhian Ramos, a celebrity from the Philippines who is known for her acting, modelling and singing. She is also a race car driver.

D2C apparel brand by Nathalie Holscher, a top Indonesian influencer with over five million followers.

D2C accessory brand by Thailand's top influencer, Gypso.

D2C lifestyle brand produced by Thai influencer Nisamanee Nutt.

D2C lifestyle apparel brand by Thai influencer Mayy R, who has over three million followers globally.