Logistics Management Platform

  • About AnyLogi

    Logistics Management Platform for D2C Businesses

    AnyLogi is an end-to-end solution that enables D2C and e-commerce brands with fulfillment through our international network of e-commerce and logistics partners.

  • Cooperation with partners

    Highly functional and intuitive dashboard

    • Real-time status updates on orders, receipts, storage and shipping
    • Automatic inventory updates for integrated e-commerce stores
    Cooperation with partners
  • Receiving and shipping instructions and inventory control

    Product Packaging

    • Use your own packaging that fits your own brand
    • Create custom packaging
    Receiving and shipping instructions and inventory control
  • Customer Support

    Extensive offerings through an international partner network

    • Manage inventory by batch, expiry date and storage conditions
    • Seamless return process by automatically sending packages back to warehouses
    Customer Support
  • Data-based improvement proposals

    Cross-border logistics and support

    • Logistics strategies for both domestic and overseas fulfillment
    • A dedicated representative will be assigned to your company
    Data-based improvement proposals
Logistics Management Platform