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Global logistics management platform, built for e-commerce

Easy-to-use management screen, even for those with no international shipping experience. Easily connect e-commerce carts and marketplaces, and tap on multiple integrated shipping vendors.

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Full support for local and global logistics to optimize product distribution

  • Intuitive dashboard for logistics

    Easy-to-use dashboard for global logistics with integrations to multiple e-commerce platforms, providing recommendations for shipping plans based on shipping address and product information.

    Intuitive dashboard for logistics
  • View customs duties and shipping fees

    Integrations with multiple shipping services enables e-commerce sites to reflect shipping costs and customs duties in real-time. End users can choose shipping methods according to their needs.

    View customs duties and shipping fees
  • Automated invoice issuance

    Automated capture of order information and issuance of invoices for overseas shipping services, generated according to the purchaser's selections.

    Automated invoice issuance
  • Pickup requests

    Multiple order pickup requests can be made to various delivery services on a single interface.

    Pickup requests
  • Returned goods handling

    Retrieve locally purchased items with one click. Increase confidence and conversion rate with updated return policies and reduce risk with simple return handling.

    Returned goods handling
  • Distribution support

    Support for the import of goods from overseas and ensure compliance with permits and regulations.

    Distribution support

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