About AnyMind Group

AnyMind Group is one of the fastest-growing AI technology companies in the world.

Founded by Kosuke Sogo and Otohiko Kozutsumi, AnyMind Group started out as AdAsia™ Holdings in the advertising and marketing technology industry in April 2016.Both founders have a single vision - to provide industries and professions with AI-based solutions that enable businesses to achieve greater scale and efficiency.

We stand firm on three pillars: people, innovation and localization. Our people are the foundation that the company was built upon, with innovation key to staying at the top. At the same time, localized solutions allow our products across every vertical to be catered to the nuances of each market.

Kosuke Sogo

CEO's Message

In recent years, there has been significant economic growth across the world, and businesses are always looking for newer and better ways to grow.

AnyMind Group is poised to empower these companies, by providing AI-powered solutions for their unique business needs. We believe in the ability of artificial intelligence to power business discovery, providing insights and solutions into all manner of business challenges. We strive to be a leader in the technology industry in this rapidly growing market.

In order to achieve our goal to be the biggest technology company in Asia and the world, we will bring AI solutions to market that can empower humans, empowering human intelligence, efficiency and growth.

At AnyMind Group, employees are highly-valued, and our multinational workforce plays a key and active role in striving to fulfil our clients' wishes and, subsequently, achieve high growth for the company. We are always open to receiving applications from individuals who have the grit and drive to help us further our goal to be the best in Asia and the world.

We will always look to innovate whilst continuing our fast growth, providing greater value to organizations and industries.

Kosuke Sogo


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