Platforms that enable your business to become borderless

Every business requires certain foundational pillars to achieve continuous growth, including business anaytics, cloud manufacturing, e-commerce, marketing, logistics, and impetus for global expansion.

  • AnyShop Dashboard

    Cloud Manufacturing Platform

    AnyFactory is a cloud manufacturing platform that breaks down borders by connecting users with over 200 manufacturers across Asia, enabling users to produce the best products for the best price.

    AnyShop Dashboard
  • AnyShop

    E-commerce Growth

    End-to-end support for your e-commerce presence, including creative production, social media integration, logistics and customer service, providing comprehensive support to boost your borderless e-commerce capabilities.

    AnyShop Dashboard
  • AnyLogi

    Logistics Management Platform

    A logistics management platform that provides users with access to a network of domestic and international e-commerce and logistics partners, along with automated management of inventory, payment confirmation, inbound, shipping and delivery.

    AnyLogi Dashboard
  • AnyTag

    Influencer Marketing Platform

    A platform for marketers and agencies to discover, active, manage, track and attribute influencer marketing activities. Users can also tap on built-in social media management functions to improve audience targeting and measure the impact of campaigns.

    AnyTag Dashboard
  • AnyCreator

    Creator Growth Platform

    Apart from a mobile app that lets influencers and content creators connect with brands that matter, AnyCreator also provides resources for influencers and content creators including content production, monetization and more.

    AnyCreator Dashboard
  • AnyDigital

    Digital Marketing Platform

    A powerful platform that enables marketers to activate, manage and track their advertising activities including web, in-app and DOOH advertising.

    AnyDigital Dashboard
  • AnyManager

    Media and E-commerce Growth Platform

    A comprehensive platform for online publishers and businesses to manage and track ad revenue sources. The platform also offers features including Accelerated Mobile Pages conversion, Progressive Web App conversion and app store optimization tools.

    AnyManager Dashboard
  • Talentmind

    Talent Management Platform

    TalentMind breaks down barriers for HR professionals to do more across the organization. HR professionals can now easily automate manual tasks like payroll, tax registration, leave management, overtime tracking and more.

    Talentmind Dashboard