Dẫn đầu những cải tiến cùng Tập đoàn AnyMind

Đội ngũ của Tập đoàn AnyMind đến từ nhiều quốc gia khác nhau, mỗi con người đều đem tới chuyên môn và kinh nghiệm mang dấu ấn địa phương độc đáo. Dù thế, mọi người đều có cùng phẩm chất: bền bỉ, tích cực và khát khao bứt phá.

Change your future with us

  • Product / Engineering

    The Product and Engineering department is the backbone of the company - responsible for all the technology that drives AnyMind Group's businesses across diverse industries.

  • Advertiser Engagement

    The Advertiser Sales department drives the growth of AdAsia Holdings' advertiser clients through solutions that provide the growth for marketers, businesses and the advertising industry.

  • Publisher Engagement

    The Publisher Sales department provides the publisher clients of AdAsia Holdings with solutions that drive the growth of online properties.

  • Influencer Marketing

    The Influencer Marketing department empowers both marketers and influencers with the right solutions for their needs - driving influence within communities.

  • Ad OPS / Strategic Planning

    The Advertising Operations department drives client outcomes, ensuring the best solutions to meet objectives.

  • Creative

    The creative department in AdAsia Holdings empowers clients to bring their storytelling to life across cities and cultures - building up a storyline that impacts and excites.

  • New Business

    As a technology organization, AnyMind Group is always innovating in new and exciting fields - with a new project never too far away. You can also find roles for TalentMind here.

  • Corporate

    The corporate department is the foundation of AnyMind Group, and consists of vibrant teams across finance, HR, corporate operations, strategic initiatives and communications.

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