[TW] HR Executive / HR Manager

People, Taipei

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【What You'll Do】

• Execute recruiting activities: including Regional and Local positions.
• Support talent development programs to cultivate talents
• Provide orientations for new employees and assist in arranging training courses.
• Manage and resolve employee relations issues to improve work relationship
• Support and organize HR initiatives including value, culture, and communication meetings to drive a positive work environment and build organizational morale
• Assist in various projects and engagement initiatives to create a fun and engaging work environment.
• Support Regional HR related projects and provide in-depth interpretation
• Other tasks assigned by Country Manager

【What You'll Do】

• 執行員工召募流程:含集團及台灣召募需求
• 新進員工入職教育訓練及其餘教育訓練相關事宜
• 企業價值宣導及組織文化塑造,營造積極正向的工作環境
• 執行專案任暨總公司HR交辧事項
• 執行Country Manager交辧事項