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AnyMind Times - November 2021: Even pets are launching their own brands; Forbes JAPAN and Google Certified Publishing Partners; influencer apparel sold out in 15 minutes

Your monthly round-up of what happened at AnyMind Group - November 2021 edition

What a month November was! We received more accolades in the form of breaking into the top 10 of Forbes JAPAN’s Startup of the Year list for 2022, and being awarded the Innovation Award by the Google Certified Publishing Partners program.

Apart from what we’re developing on the product end, November also saw some pretty eyecatching stats from influencer D2C brands/product launches. In Taiwan, host and emcee duo Marc and Mary launched a 2022 calendar and in less than 24 hours saw over NT$1,000,000 worth of products sold. In Japan, live-streamer Momoko Ushie launched her D2C brand, Lil Ambition, and the apparel products were sold out in just 15 minutes!

The past month also saw us launch brands and products for animal influencers (yes, even they are going D2C these days), a festive season product line for D2C skincare brand NaturaLUNA…, and influencer marketing reports looking at various markets including Thailand, Indonesia, India and Hong Kong.

On the products’ front, we’ve added Core Web Vitals (CWV) analytics to AnyManager. CWV are a set of metrics used as a factor in Google Search ranking, and publishers and e-commerce brands can now access this on the platform. Also, our logistics management platform, AnyLogi, is now connected to Rakuten Ichiba, enabling centralization of inventory management across multiple sales channels including Rakuten Ichiba and other channels.

We’ve got a bunch of other stuff that happened in November, including moving to a brand new office in Ho Chi Minh City, and a day out at the beach in Taiwan. Here’s the full lineup of happenings!

More and more accolades for AnyMind

In November, Forbes JAPAN published their Startup of the Year rankings for 2022, and we came in 9th place. We also made the 2020 and 2021 lists, but only appeared in the top 20 – we’re growing!

Also, AnyManager took home the Innovation Award in the recent Google Certified Publishing Partners (GCPP) Summit, highlighting the technology and quality that our publisher customers have already experienced for themselves.

Forbes JAPAN

AnyMind Group CEO Kosuke Sogo selected 9th in Forbes JAPAN’s “JAPAN START-UP OF THE YEAR 2022”

November 26, 2021

AnyManager Google

AnyMind Group’s AnyManager is awarded the Innovation Award by the Google Certified Publishing Partner Program

November 25, 2021

Moving the needle for influencers going D2C

In November, we empowered Taiwanese host and emcee duo Marc and Mary to create and launch their 2022 calendar in Taiwan, which reached over NT$1,000,000 in product sales just in 24 hours.

Over in Japan, Japanese live-streamer Momochi launched her apparel brand, Lil Ambition, with her apparel products selling out within 15 minutes of the launch. Additionally, NaturaLUNA…, a D2C skincare brand by Japanese celebrity Becky, launched its second product lineup created for December’s festive season.

Marc and Mary

Taiwanese creators Marc and Mary collaborated with AnyMind Group to launch novel calendar “Ma-li”, achieving more than NT$1,000,000 in sales on launch day

November 30, 2021

Lil Ambition

D2C brand Lil Ambition sold out apparel products 15 minutes after launch

December 3, 2021

Becky NaturaLUNA

AnyMind Group empowers Becky to launch the 2nd product lineup under D2C skincare brand NaturaLUNA…

November 30, 2021

New influencer marketing reports launched in four markets

In November, we published reports looking at influencer marketing in four different markets: Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and India. With data obtained from our influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, the reports look at various areas including hottest influencer verticals, most-favored platforms by influencers, influencer category breakdowns, median engagement rates by platforms, and so much more!

Here’s a tip: you can also access our other reports through this link.

Hong Kong influencer marketing report 2021

2021 influencer marketing report for Hong Kong

November 2, 2021

Thailand influencer marketing report 2021

2021 influencer marketing report for Thailand

November 3, 2021

Indonesia influencer marketing report 2021

2021 influencer marketing report for Indonesia

November 24, 2021

India influencer marketing report 2021

2021 influencer marketing report for India

November 24, 2021

Launching products and brands for pet influencers

Ernie, a toy poodle from Japan, is our very first pet influencer that has launched its own brand and product line! This was done in conjunction with UUUM (where Ernie is part of their creator network). Over in Thailand, a product collection for Thai pet influencer Mujisama, was also launched, featuring blankets and pillows created with the likeness of two cats and two dogs. Check them out!


UUUM and AnyMind team up to launch a new D2C brand for a toy poodle named Ernie

November 16, 2021


AnyMind Group collaborates with Mujisama to launch products for dog and cat lovers in Thailand

November 25, 2021

AnyManager adds Core Web Vitals analytics for users to improve search rankings

With Core Web Vitals (CWV) becoming a vital part in Google Search rankings, we’ve added a new feature on AnyManager that lets publishers and e-comerce brands to easily analyze metrics around CWV, with more functionality added in due course.

AnyManager CWV analytics

AnyMind Group adds Core Web Vitals analytics to AnyManager

December 1, 2021

AnyLogi is now connected to Rakuten Ichiba

Our logistics management platform, AnyLogi, is also sporting a new integration, this time with Rakuten Ichiba. WIth this, AnyLogi users can easily centralize inventory management across multiple sales channels and tap on automation to unify management of warehousing, storage and shipping, and leverage on a network of logistics partners – all through a single dashboard.

AnyLogi Rakuten

AnyMind Group’s AnyLogi is now available on Rakuten Ichiba

November 2, 2021

Breaking down the development of our Story Engine feature on AnyManager

Our tech team got to writing words again instead of code, this time taking a closer look at a recently released tool on AnyManager, Story Engine. The article looks at the advantages of creating Web Stories, system architecture, along with current challenges and future prospects. A definite must-read to understand the tool more.

Story Engine tech blog

[Tech Blog] Story Engine development and future prospects

November 25, 2021

How a personal care brand tapped on influencer marketing to launch in Hong Kong

Australian personal care brand, Bathing Shed, worked with us and tapped on our influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, to launch into the Hong Kong market. Find out how they used micro-influencers to spread brand awareness and engagement in Hong Kong!

Bathing Shed case study

Newly Launched Personal Care Brand Meets Influencer Marketing: How Bathing Shed Launched in the Hong Kong Market

November 30, 2021

Unravelling our new office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We’ve got a brand new space in HCMC, Vietnam, as we look to grow even more in one of the hottest tech markets in the region! Take a tour of our new office and check out our logo-shaped light!

AnyMind HCMC office

Discover our new office in Vietnam

November 1, 2021

Finding out more about a day in the life of a creator development executive in Vietnam

New office aside, we also spoke to a creator development executive in Vietnam to find out how a typical day is like!

recruitment creator development

A day in the life of…Creator Development Executive, Vietnam at AnyMind Group

November 22, 2021

Our Taiwan team heads to the beach

The team chose a popular tourist spot: Laomei Green Reef (Laomei) in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Laomei has become a must-visit place in Taiwan during spring time, but the heavy human traffic caused by tourism has filled the beach with litter and polluted the ocean. With our team combing the beach and picking up litter, it was definitely a day of good team bonding whilst doing a deed to help our planet.

Taiwan team

A day out of the office, let’s clean the beach together!

November 23, 2021

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