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D2C brand Lil Ambition sold out apparel products 15 minutes after launch

Total sales surpassed ¥19,000,000; and products will go on sale again due to popular demand

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement platform, has today announced that Lil Ambition, a D2C brand created by Japanese live-streamer Momoko Ushie (hereinafter Momoko), had sold out all its apparel products just 15 minutes after the commencement of sales on Saturday, 27 November 2021.

Selected apparel products will once again go on sale, this time featuring a product in an additional color, and will go live on Tuesday, 14 December 2021, at 8:30 p.m. on the Lil Ambition official online store. In addition, there will be a countdown live broadcast on Momoko’s Instagram from 8:00 p.m. on the same day, with an exclusive live-commerce coupon distributed during the stream.

Momoko gained popularity on social media by creating content that uses her background as a former apparel store employee to provide easy-to-understand and useful information on fashion and beauty to her followers, winning the hearts of Generation Z audiences in Japan. In addition, products that she introduces during her live-streams sell out almost immediately, creating a consumption behavior among her fans called “#momochi-buy.”

Lil Ambition is a direct-to-customer (D2C) apparel brand that she created by tapping on tools from AnyMind Group including AnyFactory for cloud manufacturing, AnyShop for e-commerce enablement and AnyLogi for logistics management. On Saturday, 27 November 2021, Momoko, together with “Lil Press” a group of 10 brand ambassadors whom she selected from her followerbase, introduced the products from Lil Ambition to approximately 1,300 simultaneous viewers on Instagram.

Five minutes before the start of sales, approximately 1,000 users visited the Lil Ambition official online store, and upon commencement of the live-stream, 3,000 users accessed the store. The entire apparel line on sale was sold out in just 15 minutes from the start of sales.

To cater to high demand, the brand has decided to put selected products back on sale. In addition, the “Sleeve frilled Turtleneck Knit” item, which sold out on the same day, will be sold in an additional color: black.

Lil Ambition | Partial product lineup

●Mermaid Dress

Price: ¥8,250 (tax inclusive) / Color: Brown or black / Size: Small and medium

The slim-fit mermaid line dress is designed to show off the lines of the body beautifully. The clean neckline and gathered sleeves create a sense of ease.

●Sleeve Frilled Turtleneck Knit

Price: ¥6,930 (tax inclusive) / Color: Black, red, white, yellow or pinkish-beige / Size: free-sized

This turtleneck knit features a shape narrowed from the elbows down and a ruffle design at the sleeves. The top has a generous body width and exquisite calculated length, and can be worn either tucked in or tucked out.

Creating a brand for followers through a fan co-creation project

Whilst creating the Lil Ambition product lineup, Momochi worked with her fans throughout the product creation process. This process – from planning and decision-making, all the way to the launch – was live-streamed on Momochi’s Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms, and the brand was developed reflecting the voices of her fans.

Momochi has also been recruiting brand ambassadors from amongst her fans, who are particularly passionate about the brand and want to grow together with the brand. As a result, over 1,000 entries to be a brand ambassador were received, from which 10 were selected to be “Lil Press” (a name given to brand ambassadors of Lil Ambition). As representatives of the wider user audience, they will be actively involved in activities such as taking part in planning meetings and product development, modeling for photoshoots and promotional activities centered on live-streaming.

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