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Newly Launched Personal Care Brand Meets Influencer Marketing: How Bathing Shed Launched in the Hong Kong Market


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Bathing Shed is a personal care brand inspired by bayside lifestyle, botanical science and contemporary design. Bathing Shed aims to create the highest quality personal care products, and they do not use any potentially harmful, unnecessary ingredients.

To expand their brand to a wider market, Bathing Shed started to launch their products recently in Hong Kong, and in order to raise their brand awareness and interaction with the audience, Bathing Shed turned to AnyMind Group to tap on our influencer marketing offerings. By leveraging on our influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, Bathing Shed kickstarted their promotion in Hong Kong and used micro-influencers to spread brand awareness and engagement in the Hong Kong market.


For this campaign, Bathing Shed chose to work with 30 micro-influencers to raise brand awareness in Hong Kong:

1) Product seeding with micro-influencers

Bathing Shed sent a set of products to selected micro-influencers for product trials. These Micro-Influencers would be able to share more of their own experiences with the product and generate more authentic reviews and conversations.

2) Micro-influencers collaborations

To make sure the content is widely spread, Bathing Shed collaborated with 30 micro-influencers and they created their own photo posts based on their experience with the product.

Bathing Shed also offered an online discount code for micro-influencers’ fans and audiences. This would give people an added incentive to purchase and try their products, thereby driving sales.


Through a series of online promotions with micro-influencers, Bathing Shed was able to successfully drive more awareness with target audiences. Also, audience sentiment was positive towards the brand and their products. Last but not least, the micro-influencers campaign reached an audience of around 300,000+ social media users and generated an average engagement rate of 3.46%.

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