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AnyMind Group collaborates with Mujisama to launch products for dog and cat lovers in Thailand

Popular pet influencer Mujisama is ready to release their first collection to fans!

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement platform, has collaborated with famous Thai pet influencer, Mujisama, to release a series of products for animal lovers, including blankets and pillows printed with the faces of 4 dogs and cats from the Mujisama family. The collection is now available for Mujisama fans and all animal lovers from today.

Mujisama, a famous Facebook page that combines unique characters; five playful and affectionate dogs and cats from various species, which has the cuteness of “Muji” and “Mamoru”, fluffy-round Pomeranians, and their cat-sister, the Exotic Shorthair cats, “Mumaru” and “Mumichi”, which are all loved by animal lovers. Mujisama has collaborated with AnyMind Group to release a series of blankets and pillows printed with the faces of 4 dogs and cats of the Mujisama family.

The products, made from microfiber fleece, are silky-soft and plush to the touch with the size of 15×14 inches for pillows and 145×110 cm for blankets. The products are soft and fuzzy, and are perfect for enveloping you in warmth and comfort.

The collection containing four characters of Mujisama’s family include:

MUJI’s Blanket and Pillow

A very cheerful dog, very attached to his owner and very well trained. He is the oldest brother who takes care of all younger siblings in the house. When he sees someone doing something wrong, he will keep scolding and barking.

MUMIJI’s Blanket and Pillow

A kind-hearted cat that gets along very well with the dogs. Never gets angry even when she gets teased many times. She doesn’t like to jump up high but will climb and scramble instead even though she is a super chubby cat.

MUMARU’s Blanket and Pillow

Mumaru is a cat that likes to be loved, always walks to the human’s arms and gets hugged. Even though she is a cat that has a frowning face but is very kind-hearted. If anyone who might be afraid of cats meets Maru, they will change their mind about cats because she allows every stranger to hug her.

MAMORU’s Blanket and Pillow

The youngest dog in this family is extremely cheerful and energetic. He is very playful and likes to be loved by everyone, to get hugged and kissed. Mamoru is a dog that gets along very well with all the cats, especially his twin, Mumiji.

Adisak Wongwaikankha, founder of Mujisama Facebook page said “I actually created these products for myself, printed with our dog and cat’s faces, but I got many requests from our fans who want to own the pillow too. Then we started to collaborate with AnyMind Group to develop that pillow into something more useful like this one that can be both pillow and blanket plus it is suitable for carrying everywhere. This first collection is from our dogs and cats in four characters, four styles in the form of cute fuzzy pillows and blankets that are ready to be delivered to your home to brighten up your day.”

Mujisama’s products are available to purchase from now for 790 THB per each, duo set 1,350 THB for two (15% saved from 1,580 THB) and full collection 2,550 THB for four (20% saved from 3,160 THB) through PopBox Thailand. For seeing more of the cuteness Mujisama’s family, can follow Facebook page: MUJISAMA

Moreover, AnyMind Group has collaborated with many top influencers in Thailand to launch their own brands and D2C products. From lifestyle clothing brand Land.of.N from fashionista influencer Nut Nisamanee, exclusive shirts from investment influencer Puat Pattarapon, puzzles that look to enhance children’s concentration from family influencer Little Monster, and more. Influencers are able to tap on a wide range of products from AnyFactory for cloud manufacturing, AnyShop and PopBox for e-commerce enablement, and AnyLogi for logistics management.

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