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[CEO blog] Our AnyMind Journey after 8 years and a peek into the future

As we start our eighth year as a company, I believe that we have built a sustainable foundation that will continue to grow and evolve as we advance with our mission to make every business borderless.

I also believe that this is just the start of a longer and more exciting journey, as we look to deliver positive impact to every business in the world.

Last year, we reached a monumental milestone as a company – completing our IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth market – and we continued to gain traction across our business segments.

For our full 2023 fiscal year, we saw revenue grow 35% year-on-year (YoY) to 33.46 billion yen, gross profit grew 36.7% YoY to 12.699 billion yen, and we achieved a second consecutive year of operating profit, with a 2,353.5% YoY growth to 747 million yen.

Let me break down what has happened in just the past 12 months.

In the past year, DDI became part of AnyMind Group, and we have an agreement that will see Arche Digital become a part of us later this year, as we continue to strengthen our BPaaS offerings in e-commerce, marketing and digital transformation. We also entered the South Korea and Saudi Arabia markets – regions that have immense untapped potential.

With AI an increasing focus for our clients, ourselves and the world at large, we launched our AI research and development unit, AI Lab, in Tokyo, and set up another unit in India, to form the foundation for the implementation of AI across our software and businesses. One of their first initiatives was the launch of capabilities to leverage AI to generate influencers and live streamers.

The past year also saw us launch a multitude of features across our suite of software in the e-commerce, marketing and partner growth segments.

For e-commerce, we launched workflow automation, advertising reporting, and a planning calendar on our e-commerce platform, AnyX. We also launched integrations on AnyLogi with the largest shipping companies in the world including DHL, FedEx and UPS, along with features to automatically translate shipping information, automate issuance of shipping labels, and reduce pickup request workloads for delivery companies, in a bid to support businesses with their cross-border business expansion. On AnyChat, we integrated with the world’s most-used messaging app, WhatsApp, and launched features to support live commerce.

In the marketing space, we launched features that make our products more scalable and attributable to business results, including AnyTag’s integrations with e-commerce marketplaces for better quality attribution from influencer marketing efforts to sales generated by influencers, and support for platforms such as Threads and Douyin. For digital marketing, we continued to see traction with our AnyDigital Premium Marketplace, and supported with the development of metaverse advertising functionality for ANA Neo’s ANA GranWhale.

For partner growth, apart from launching our own proprietary video player that helps publishers better monetize video content through AnyManager, we also added capabilities around app user acquisition and a service to help news publishers convert their websites into mobile apps. For creators, we continued to enhance our capabilities in addition to exploring new areas such as VTubers and partnering up with creator management companies such as Treasure Hunter in Korea.

What’s next?

As I said, for the past eight years, we have been building the foundation of our company – one that will continue to grow and evolve to solve the needs of our customers around the world.

Today, we have developed key technologies across the business supply chain, and have bolstered our tech capabilities with expertise and services from companies that have joined AnyMind.

Today, we have formed a BPaaS company for marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation – which merges and creates an additional layer of value on top of SaaS and BPO, powering greater flexibility and scalability to the entire business process lifecycle. This means that our customers have the best of both worlds: robust cloud-based software coupled with in-market expertise and operations support.

Looking ahead, we will continue to look at more ways that we can help our customers, whether it is through the implementation of DX efforts, AI, technology, and more.

At AnyMind, we are always looking towards creating a better future for our employees, customers, investors, partners, and the world that we live in.

We want to make it exciting for everyone to do business. We want to digitalize every business. We want to create an impact on the world, the only way we know how: the AnyMind way.

We want to support the growth of all businesses.

Let’s continue growing together!

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