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AnyMind Group expands AI R&D base to India to further enhance AI/LLM technology utilization

The new base in Bangalore will be rolled into AnyMind LLM Lab to form a single unit that focuses on AI and LLM technology R&D for its various proprietary platforms

AnyMind Group, a technology company for the business supply chain, has today announced an expansion of its AI research and development (R&D) team, AI Lab, in Bangalore, India. This move aims to bolster the global deployment of AI-related R&D, not only in Japan but also in India, amplifying the value proposition for its platforms and solutions.

The newly established AI Lab complements the ongoing efforts of the AnyMind LLM Lab, and will be rolled into a single unit that focuses on leveraging AI and large language modeling (LLM) technologies for its suite of proprietary platforms and improving internal business efficiency and operations.

With a strong track record of supporting over 1,000 companies in the fields of e-commerce and marketing across 14 countries and 21 regions across Asia Pacific through its various platforms and services, AnyMind Group is intensifying its focus on AI-related advancements. The establishment of a dedicated development team in Bangalore will facilitate the recruitment of top-tier AI engineers and data scientists.

The initiative aims to leverage AI to meticulously analyze diverse datasets related to influencer marketing, online advertising, e-commerce, and logistics, enhancing analytical capabilities and operational efficiencies. This will also look to expedite feature implementation across the company’s platforms and accelerate service expansion globally, delivering heightened value to stakeholders both within and outside the organization.

The current planned platforms for implementation of AI/LLM technologies are the e-commerce management and data platform, AnyX, conversational commerce platform, AnyChat, and influencer marketing platform, AnyTag. The company will, in due course, also look at the utilization of LLM and machine learning technologies on its other proprietary platforms.

Overview of AI Lab Activities
Key initiatives that the AI Lab will undertake include:

  • Integration and validation of LLM/Generative AI services across various AnyMind Group platforms
  • Exploration of new business and product development opportunities using LLM/machine learning technologies
  • Collaboration with internal and external platforms to optimize sales revenue and maximize profits through order and shipment data analysis
  • Efforts to streamline new customer acquisition and maximize Lifetime Value (LTV) through platform integration
  • Exploration of data incorporation, analysis, and utilization from various social media platforms via text and image extraction

A Utilization Example for Enhancing E-Commerce Product Sales
Step 1: Extraction of purchase information and social media reviews through its e-commerce data and management platform, AnyX, and influencer marketing platform, AnyTag
Step 2: Utilization of LLM technologies to identify user purchase behaviors and review trends, categorizing them accordingly
Step 3: Application of extracted data to:

  • Create marketing plans based on multiple factors like design, price, and features
  • Utilization in online/social media ad creative production and brand messaging
  • Select and cast optimal influencers
  • Craft scenarios for video ads
  • Derive effective content for social media posts

Ryuji Takemoto, Managing Director of Product Development, said: “By strengthening our R&D team through AI Lab, we hope to further enhance our platforms by quickly analyzing a variety of data and quickly maximizing the value of our global offerings. We will continue to look at the utilization of AI technology to enhance our platforms and improve operational efficiency, providing increasingly valuable assistance to our clients to support their business growth.”

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