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AnyMind Group launches feature on AnyLogi to reduce pickup request workloads for delivery companies

The Pickup Request feature enables online merchants and enterprises in Japan to easily streamline requesting of shipment pickups from various delivery companies

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced that it has launched a new “Pickup Request” feature on its international shipping platform, AnyLogi, that enables online merchants and enterprises in Japan to request shipment pickups from a variety of connected delivery companies.

Through this feature, online merchants and enterprises can benefit from a streamlined flow to manage pickup requests across connected delivery companies on the AnyLogi dashboard. Users can place bulk pickup requests to multiple delivery companies, which simplifies the process and saves time and effort managing individual pickup requests. Delivery companies will then receive pickup instructions and carry out pickups at their designated addresses.

With the cross-border e-commerce market continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, businesses now face a critical need for smooth and efficient international product shipping. However, managing individual tasks like obtaining delivery destination information, issuing shipping labels, and coordinating pickups in-house can be resource intensive, resulting in increased operational costs.

AnyLogi is an automated international shipping platform designed for e-commerce businesses. The platform is connected to various domestic and overseas e-commerce carts and shipping services, and can also display shipping costs and custom duties on the e-commerce site to provide greater transparency to consumers. In addition, the entire shipping process – including issuing of invoices and requesting pickups – can be completed on a single platform.

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