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AnyMind Group makes it easier for AnyChat users in Japan to hold giveaways on Instagram Live

AnyChat users in Japan can leverage on the platform to run giveaways during Instagram Live sessions

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced an additional capability for conversational commerce platform, AnyChat. named Instant Win, AnyChat users in Japan can now execute giveaways during Instagram Live sessions to increase viewer engagement, and distribute items such as products and coupon codes, based on preset triggers from viewer comments.

A recent study by Milieu Insight on livestream shopping in Southeast Asia highlighted that nearly 5 in 10 consumers in Southeast Asia watch livestream sales at least once a week, and 63% of them have made a purchase from a livestream sale. In Japan, etc etc. Apart from e-commerce marketplaces, social media platforms are also popular livestream selling channels, with the likes of Instagram and its Instagram Live function enabling users to connect in real-time with their communities.

Through Instant Win, AnyChat users in Japan can leverage on the following functions:

  • Automated giveaways triggered by Instagram Live comments:
    Viewers can join giveaways by posting specific comments and keywords during the Instagram Live session. Once the livestream concludes, AnyChat executes the giveaway and selects winners based on predetermined criteria. Participants are then promptly notified of their lottery results through their Instagram Direct Messenger inbox.
  • Automation of winner information acquisition and e-commerce site navigation:
    Apart from sending giveaway results, AnyChat is able to facilitate the collection of information from winners such as mailing addresses. Additionally, it supports communication after results are announced, such as sending coupons to unsuccessful applicants. AnyChat can also direct viewers to e-commerce site links to drive purchases. Chat messages can be customized based on various requirements, reducing the time needed for manual execution.

AnyChat is a conversational commerce platform that provides real-time chat-based customer service and customer engagement functions, maximizing the value of online customer experience by collecting, analyzing and utilizing data related to purchases, in addition to delivery triggered by purchases and product shipments through e-commerce.

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