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AnyMind Group launches calendar feature on AnyX to aid e-commerce marketing planning

Enterprises, marketers and e-commerce professionals can better identify trends, evaluate and analyze marketing effectiveness, and plan and optimize resources and budgets

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced the launch of an event calendar feature on its e-commerce management platform, AnyX. The event calendar enables enterprises, marketers and e-commerce professionals to identify trends, evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of their e-commerce marketing initiatives and sales events on e-commerce marketplaces, and enable better operations, marketing and inventory planning, and budget allocation based on past performance.

The event calendar feature addresses a common challenge faced by businesses in effectively measuring the results of their past or ongoing marketing initiatives. Without accurate measurement and evaluation, businesses can miss out on opportunities to identify successful marketing and branding strategies or to effectively allocate marketing spend.

To solve this challenge, the event calendar feature on AnyX provides two immediate key functionalities that enhance marketing campaign assessment and budget planning:

  • Evaluation of Ongoing Initiatives:
    Customize and register marketing activities and events specific to each e-commerce platform. By inputting sales forecasts for each event, AnyX automatically calculates actual values based on order data, enabling real-time monitoring, evaluation of marketing progress, and the identification of trends and gaps.
  • Budget Allocation for the Next Month:
    Building upon the evaluation of ongoing marketing initiatives and events, users can plan and allocate marketing budgets for future activities by leveraging historical data to ensure optimized resource allocation.

This data is also available in the Analytics module of AnyX, providing insights into the pacing of actual versus target metrics, allowing users to perform ongoing analysis and optimization to improve outcomes.

In addition, AnyX is already connected to Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics, and supports marketing data from e-commerce marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada, providing users with an integrated platform for e-commerce marketing across marketplaces and direct-to-consumer (D2C) platforms.

On the launch of the event calendar feature, Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group, said: “As we enter the next generation of commerce, businesses have to be highly agile, effective and efficient in order to remain competitive. With this context, we wanted to ensure businesses are well-prepared and can make concerted efforts to capitalize on marketing to boost e-commerce sales through the optimized planning and allocation of resources, ultimately creating a world where business can be done out of a single platform”

AnyX is an e-commerce management platform developed by AnyMind Group that serves as a centralized solution for managing multiple sales channels, including e-commerce marketplaces and D2C websites. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools for e-commerce analytics and store management, logistics, customer engagement and cross-border business expansion.

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