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AnyMind Group sets up AnyMind LLM Lab to research the implementation of large-scale language models in its products

The company plans to implement LLM-related technologies into its platforms for e-commerce, influencer marketing and customer engagement

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced that it has established an internal research team, named AnyMind LLM Lab, to look into the implementation of large-scale language modeling (LLM)-related technologies into some of the company’s platforms such as AnyX for e-commerce management, AnyTag for influencer marketing and AnyChat for conversational commerce.

LLM has rapidly evolved recently, with mainstream attention on ChatGPT, the release of GPT-4, and generative AI services bringing about a focus on leveraging AI for language understanding, sentence generation, question answering, and translation.

The AnyMind LLM Lab will look to enhance the functionality and value of the company’s various platforms by combining data across marketing, e-commerce, and logistics, with LLM-related services. AnyMind Group plans to only utilize API linkage to its platforms in accordance with OpenAI’s terms and conditions and to operate in a manner where customer information is not used.

The company plans to look at LLM from the following angles:

  • LLM implementation and verification on each of the platforms developed by the company
  • Exploring new business and product development opportunities utilizing LLM
  • Explore opportunities to maximize customers’ e-commerce revenue and marginal profit by linking with various data such as sales and shipment data
  • Enable customers to maximize the efficiency of new customer acquisition and lifetime value
  • Leverage on text and image data, analysis and exploration of other data utilization methods for influencer marketing

On the establishment of AnyMind LLM Lab, Ryuji Takemoto, Managing Director of Product Development, AnyMind Group, said: “GPT-4 is expected to grow in usage in the future, and we believe it is very compatible with our business domains. We believe that by understanding and utilizing LLM, we can create a significant impact for our customers. This initiative will strengthen collaboration within our development team based out of our four engineering hubs across Asia, and expand the value we can provide.”

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