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Muscle Grill, a YouTube channel for people who love working out and food, launches its first lifestyle brand, SPICEBOX, through AnyMind Group

Items include apparel to spices and will be launched on 28 May 2021, 20:00 JST

AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform that provides technology and solutions for influencers, publishers, marketers and business owners, has today announced that the company is working with Muscle Grill, a YouTube channel with followers who love working out and food, to launch SPICEBOX, a D2C apparel and spice brand. SPICEBOX will officially launch on 28 May 2021, at 20:00 Japan Standard Time.

Spicebox official online store : Spicebox official Instagram :

Muscle Grill has been selling merchandise and other goods to their fans, and many items were sold out immediately after being released. In June, Muscle Grill will be releasing their first recipe book, Ultimate Bird Meal.” Now, Muscle Grill will launch an original brand that produces everything from an apparel line to spices that support the dietary habits important for bodybuilding.

The first product line includes street-style open-collar shirts and t-shirts, as well as a special line of pants and tops featuring the Fiji Car Shiny Azami model. In total, there are nine apparel items and seven spices, including coriander, cumin and other spices carefully selected by Muscle Grill.

The concept of SPICEBOX is to produce “just right” standard wear that a person can wear naturally, in the hope of providing sporty wear at just the right price and just the right stylishness, and spices that convey the fun of cooking. AnyMind Group wanted to turn Muscle Grill’s vision into reality, and provided comprehensive support from planning, design, production and e-commerce enablement, leveraging on the AnyFactory and AnyShop platforms.

■ SPICEBOX- Key points of note ・The concept of SPICEBOX is to provide just the right standard wear that can be worn naturally ・Apparel items that can be used as fashion statements or sportswear ・Spices that amplify the characteristics and beliefs of Muscle Grill

■ SPICEBOX – Concept —– “SPICED STANDARD” —– SPICED STANDARD is “just right” standard wear that has a tasteful design, silhouette and functionality, but can be worn naturally. It is functional and sporty, but also fashionable. The “just right” standard by SPICEBOX will naturally blend into your daily life and give you greater zest.


Price:7,480円(tax inclusive)/ Colors:LEMON YELLOW, WHITE/ Size:S ~ XXL This long-sleeved t-shirt features the brand’s motif, a bird, on the chest, with colorful and bold brand name prints on both sleeves. The t-shirt provides for large body width and is designed to be oversized, so that it’s easy to complete an outfit.


Price:¥9,020(tax inclusive)/ Colors:KHAKI and NAVY/ Size:M ~ XL This open-collar shirt has the SPICEBOX brand name embroidered on the chest pocket. The material makes the sleeves feel comfortable, and the shirt can be worn neatly with the front closed, or casually with the inner shirt showing.


Price:¥13,200(tax inclusive)/ Colors:MULTI / Size:M・L This is a limited edition item of Muscle Grill’s Azami. The shorts are sporty and stylish, with a special fabric and a combination of three colors.


Price:¥7,700(tax inclusive)/ Color:MULTI / Size:M・L This is a limited production item of Muscle Grill’s Azami. This t-shirt has the same color scheme as it’s counterpart, the MULTI COLOR PHYSIQUE PANTS, on the sleeves.


Price:¥980~(Tax inclusive)/ Spices: coriander, cumin, cloves, allspice, red pepper, black pepper, prickly ash / Contents weight:40g each

■ Comments from Muscle Grill Shiny Azami Thank you for watching this video. We are very happy to be able to release SPICEBOX from Muscle Grill! Apparel has been a major goal of Muscle Grill since we formed, so to have such a great brand up and running is something that we’re very proud of! It’s great-looking apparel that anyone can wear with confidence, so please wear it with us.

Smile Inoue SPICEBOX is the result of a long process of realization of what we had always envisioned in our minds, with the help of various people. We have cool items that can be used in any instance, from fitness to streetwear! We promise to make your everyday life a little more exciting, and we look forward to working with you on the endless possibilities of SPICEBOX!

■ Muscle Grill’s YouTube video on the launch of SPICEBOX

Title : Big announcement : Dream box is coming!!! URL :

■About Muscle Grill

Muscle Grill is a YouTube channel for people who love bodybuilding and food. It’s a project by two people: Shiny Azami, an active bodybuildler and former cook who competes in Physique, a bodybuilding competition, and Smile Inoue, a skilled mixed martial arts fighter and film editor. The Muscle Grill channel delivers original content such as training sessions, introduction of meals including “Numa” which has become a hot topic.

YouTube :

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