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AnyMind Group’s FourM receives 2nd IAS AWARD by Integral Ad Science

Recognition for the company’s push towards improving quality and promotion of ad verification in Japan’s advertising industry

AnyMind Group, a BPaaS company for marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation, has today announced that FourM, part of AnyMind Group, has been awarded the bronze award in the Media Of The Year category of the 2nd IAS AWARD organized by Integral Ad Science Japan K.K.

The Media Of The Year category recognizes the media platform that has achieved the greatest success in the sales performance of IAS products, the number of collaboration APIs, and the contribution to the penetration of ad verification in fiscal year 2023.

The “IAS AWARD” recognizes partner companies that have made significant contributions to the growth of ad verification and have actively worked to promote healthy and safe digital advertising through their services or the use of ad verification.

In the current digital advertising market, the establishment of safe and reliable media is essential for advertisers using ad verification. However, some publishers continue to postpone the introduction and development of ad verification due to its time-consuming nature. FourM has been committed in promoting the adoption of ad verification to publishers and contributing to the improvement of overall quality in the internet industry by supporting the creation of high-quality media. This award recognizes FourM’s efforts in promoting ad verification and contributing to the improvement of advertising quality.

Kazuma Watamoto, Director of FourM, said: “We are delighted to receive the IAS AWARD again this year. While there are still many challenges such as brand safety, ad fraud, and MFA (Made for Advertising), we will continue to work towards the healthy development of the digital advertising industry through our partnership with IAS. We will strive to build a good ecosystem by fostering a strong relationship between advertisers and media, so that valuable media is chosen more often.”

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