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Indonesian creator, Fikri Fadlu, joins AnyMind’s creator network

AnyMind Group will provide support across various social media platforms for creators

AnyMind Group, a BPaaS company for marketing, e-commerce, and digital transformation, today announced that Fikri Fadlu, a YouTube content creator, has joined AnyMind’s creator network.

AnyMind Group will provide support to Fikri Fadlu’s for channel analytics and optimization, and brand sponsorship opportunities across all social media platforms. Currently, the channel has 8.2 million subscribers.

On his YouTube channel, Fikri creates comedic content or sketches that entertain his audience and followers on various other social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Fikri Fadlu said: “After joining AnyMind’s network, I’ve seen significant growth on my YouTube channel, Fikrifadlu. The support provided by AnyMind Group has greatly contributed to improving the quality and perfection of my content. Their assistance in navigating various aspects of the YouTube system that were previously unclear to me has allowed me to focus more on content creation without worrying about YouTube’s constantly changing policies. I consider AnyMind Group not only as a professional team but also as allies and members of my personal family, providing invaluable support throughout my journey.”

Lidyawati Aurelia, Country Manager, Indonesia, AnyMind Group, said: “We continue to support the economic growth of creators in Indonesia through the implementation of our technology and solutions. The inclusion of Fikri Fadlu in our creator network reflects the ability and consistency of our team in this field. We not only provide support to Fikri in his journey but also leverage our creator network to provide broader opportunities for marketers in Indonesia to collaborate with Fikri.”

Currently, AnyMind Group empowers more than 1,500 creators across the Asia Pacific through its creator network. This is done through AnyCreator, a web and mobile platform for creators and influencers to find brand collaborations and gain insights into social media analytics, as well as resources and support to develop their influence.

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