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PepsiCo teams up with AnyMind Group and Publicis Commerce to deliver greater customer-centricity through social commerce efforts in Southeast Asia

In nine months, PepsiCo Philippines has completed a combined 300+ hours of live streams that reached 700,000+ consumers

AnyMind Group, a BPaaS company for marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation, has today announced that it has teamed up with Publicis Commerce to boost the social commerce efforts of PepsiCo, a global leader in convenient foods and beverages, by driving greater consumer-centricity into PepsiCo’s digital commerce efforts in Southeast Asia through AnyMind Group’s suite of software offerings including platforms such as AnyX, AnyTag and AnyLogi, and Publicis Commerce’s strategic marketing advisory services.

Putting consumers at the core of business efforts to drive more positive brand experiences and interactions, PepsiCo Philippines looked towards live commerce to deliver a personalized and interactive digital experience, in a bid to integrate social commerce into everyday life and make shopping fun and enjoyable.

Before today, PepsiCo Philippines had completed over 300 hours of live streams and reached a scale of over 700,000 consumers since the collaboration started in August 2023.

This contributed to PepsiCo being named in the top three brands on TikTok Shop in the Philippines from 9.9 through to 12.12, and highlighted as a case study when TikTok launched its ACE framework. In the Philippines, PepsiCo became the top brand on TikTok Shop in terms of GMV for the FMCG category, four months into the collaboration. Fueled by this early success, PepsiCo will also start expanding this collaboration into other e-commerce marketplaces in Southeast Asia.

PepsiCo Philippines, through its appointed agency for creative strategy and implementation, Publicis Commerce, tapped on AnyMind’s holistic suite of capabilities through platforms such as AnyX for analytics and channel management, AnyLogi for fulfillment management and AnyTag for influencer marketing, for solutions including:

  • Live streaming – leveraging on promotions and brand campaigns whilst engaging audiences through live games and giveaways, along with ASMR segments, close-up mouth-watering view angles, and descriptive demos from live commerce hosts
  • Influencer and affiliate marketing – through relevant e-Selling Opinion Leaders (eSOLs) who shared stories and recipes, and featured products, on shoppable content that was posted onto PepsiCo’s TikTok page, driving word-of-mouth virality through a 26,000-strong group of influencers and social media users who created user-generated content
  • SKU listing strategy, fulfillment and inventory management – Leveraging comprehensive logistics integration and advanced analytics, PepsiCo optimized product bundling. This strategy enhanced the Average Order Value. Concurrently, robust inventory management ensured stock availability during peak sales events.

On the collaboration, Sudipto Mozumdar, GM, IndoChina Foods and Chief Commercial Officer, APAC PepsiCo, said: “Consumer centricity is a key driver of our growth. Our partnership with AnyMind and Publicis aligns with our “anytime, anywhere” strategy. This approach not only enhances our operational agility but also deepens our market penetration by engaging consumers in a two-way dialogue that is both dynamic and personalized. As we continue to leverage the power of digital transformation, our focus remains on cultivating meaningful consumer relationships, thereby securing a sustainable competitive advantage in an increasingly digital marketplace.”

Sujith Rao, Managing Director Commerce SEA, Publicis Commerce, shared: “Building upon our established relationship and cooperation with PepsiCo, we have integrated social commerce into our growth strategy for the client. Our commitment to exceeding client expectations is underpinned by a careful selection of partners such as AnyMind, ensuring a delivery of an integrated experience that goes above and beyond.”

Aditya Aima, Managing Director for Growth Markets, AnyMind Group, said: “We’re seeing new forms of marketing and digital commerce appearing amidst the amalgamation of these two spheres, coupled with the backdrop of enterprises embarking on comprehensive digital transformation efforts. PepsiCo stands to only gain as an early mover, as we provide them with greater accessibility and extensibility into the Asia-Pacific region through our BPaaS capabilities.”

Through a Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) model, AnyMind Group provides enterprises with a suite of proprietary software for e-commerce operations, marketing, logistics, customer engagement, production, and more, along with in-market expertise across 15 markets across Southeast Asia, East Asia, India and the Middle East, providing enterprises with unique capabilities for accelerated and technology-driven expansion across Asia-Pacific.

BPaaS provides an additional layer of value to enterprises on top of Software-as-a-Service and Business Process Outsourcing models, by providing a combination of technology and operations teams for the designing, development, implementation, optimization, and automation across business processes.

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