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AnyMind Group now supports more than 2,000 creators for content planning, production, cross-border expansion and monetization

The company’s creator network spans nine markets including Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Korea

AnyMind Group, a BPaaS company for marketing, e-commerce, and digital transformation, has announced that the number of creators in its creator network has exceeded 2,000 as of March 31, 2024.

Since launching its creator network in 2019, the company has worked with a range of creators, influencers, models, athletes and companies around the world for planning and producing content on YouTube, TikTok and other social media platforms, along with the support for cross-border expansion and monetization of content.

In recent years, short-form video content has gained momentum globally, particularly on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. These videos, lasting less than one minute, are easily consumable and lead to higher view counts. At present, the company supports creators through teams based in Japan, Southeast Asia (including markets like Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines), and Greater China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), with 32% of creators from Japan and the other 68% of creators based internationally.

In addition, the company also provides AnyCreator, a mobile application and web platform for creators to track social media analytics, find and take part in marketing campaigns by leading brands, and create and manage their own link-in-bio page.

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