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AnyMind Times - October 2021: AnyTag is crowned Game-Changing Advertising Technology; AnyMind Group and Kosuke Sogo now part of Endeavor network; Supply chain visualization; Publishers get social media analytics; and more news from around AnyMind!

Your monthly round-up of what happened at AnyMind Group - October 2021 edition

We’ve got a whole lineup of happenings across the business – from D2C moves and a new social media analytics feature for publishers on AnyManager, to AnyTag being crowned Game-Changing Advertising Technology at The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising APAC 2021 and more!

Together with our CEO and co-founder, Kosuke Sogo, we’ve been selected by Endeavor to join the Endeavor network – the world’s leading community of high-impact entrepreneurs!

In our tech blog the past month, our team looks into topics such as headless e-commerce, a deeper look into Progressive Web Apps feature on AnyManager, the designing of our video player in DOOH advertising, and more!

Here’s the full lineup of happenings!

AnyTag is crowned Game-Changing Advertising Technology

We liken AnyTag to the gold standard of influencer marketing, and judges at the recent The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising APAC 2021 also thought so – our influencer marketing platform took home the award for the Game-Changing Advertising Technology category!

Adding on to that, our platform for web and app publishers, AnyManager, was also a finalist for Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading (sell side)!

AnyTag wins game-changing advertising technology

AnyMind Group’s influencer marketing platform AnyTag awarded Game-Changing Advertising Technology by The Drum

October 14, 2021

Endeavor selects Kosuke Sogo and AnyMind Group

The world’s leading community of high-impact entrepreneurs, Endeavor, selected AnyMind Group, and CEO and co-founder Kosuke Sogo, to join its network. We’re joining a great pool of other fast-growing startups and companies from Asia including the likes of Bukalapak, Carro, Glints, GrowSari, HappyFresh, Kargo,, Kredivo, SanSan, Snapcart, Ula, Xurpas, Zilingo, and more – the list goes on!

On the selection, Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group, said: “Going through Endeavor’s rigorous selection process and our ultimate selection affirms the impact we have made across Asia and our direction as an end-to-end commerce enablement platform. Having access to Endeavor’s global network and support services will undoubtedly help us as we embark on our next stage of growth as a company.”

Endeavor selects AnyMind and Kosuke Sogo

Endeavor selects Kosuke Sogo and AnyMind Group to join the Endeavor network

October 26, 2021

A wave of D2C product line launches in October, with branded craft beers, yoga wear and a co-created influencer brand

Platforms such as AnyFactory, AnyShop and AnyLogi are being put to work by influencers to create their own D2C brands and businesses! Here’s a snapshot of how October turned out.

We’ve enabled fishing content creator, Tsuriyokadesyou (part of UUUM’s creator network), to launch a line of craft beer under their ARAKA brand. We’ve also worked with top yoga YouTube creator, B-life, to launch a new lineup of yoga and fitness wear, and we enabled live streamer Momochi to launch her live commerce apparel brand Lil Ambition. Check them out below!

ARAKA beer

UUUM and AnyMind Group team up to launch beverage line under the ARAKA D2C brand

October 13, 2021

B-life yoga

AnyMind Group empowers Japanese top yoga Youtube creator B-life to launch yoga and fitness wear

October 22, 2021

Lil Ambition by Momochi

AnyMind Group powers Japanese live-streamer Momochi to launch live commerce apparel brand Lil Ambition

October 28, 2021

We’ve started testing of supply chain tracking through AnyFactory

We’re always looking to build increased depth of our products whilst expanding the breadth of our offerings, and this philosophy is no different for AnyFactory! In October, we started testing of RFID and NFC tags with an apparel manufacturer to enable greater optimization of production processes and trackability of items. We’ll also look to improve this implementation and in the future roll it out to other partnered networks across Asia.

What this means is that through AnyFactory, users can easily visualize and track the progress of every single item manufactured to identify bottlenecks and increase accountability across the manufacturing chain. We’ll also look to drive connectivity between our various platforms to enable a connected view between manufacturing and logistics, along with providing end-customers with a greater understanding of their ordered item’s production process and logistics status.

AnyFactory Supply Chain Tracking

AnyMind Group begins testing of supply chain tracking through AnyFactory

October 29, 2021

We’re teaming up with HUMAN Security to clean up in-app ad fraud

We’re teaming up with HUMAN (formerly WHite Ops) to clean up in-app ad fraud by implementing HUMAN’s solutions into POKKT’s mobile video advertising platform.

HUMAN Security and AnyMind and POKKT

AnyMind Group Teams up with HUMAN to Clean Up In-App Ad Fraud

October 7, 2021

Social media analytics feature launched for AnyManager

Web and app publishers can now leverage AnyManager to easily analyze their owned social media presence alongside a wealth of other features for monetization, site and app analytics, user engagement and build optimization. Check it out!

AnyManager SNS analytics

AnyMind Group launches social media analytics tool for web and app publishers on AnyManager

October 19, 2021

A closer look at Taiwan’s influencer marketing landscape

We’re starting this year’s wave of market-specific influencer marketing reports with a look at the space in Taiwan. In the past year, fashion & beauty brands invested the most resources in influencer marketing through our AnyTag platform, and this is followed by FMCG and home appliance brands. You can grab a free copy of the report through the links below!

Taiwan influencer marketing landscape

Taiwan influencer marketing report: Fashion & beauty, FMCG and home appliance brands invested the most in influencer marketing; Instagram most-favored platform for campaigns

October 21, 2021

Taiwan influencer marketing landscape report download

2021 influencer marketing report for Taiwan

October 21, 2021

Case Study: Traveloka taps on AnyTag to drive usage of Traveloka Eats feature

Earlier this year, Traveloka, an Indonesia-based online travel and lifestyle platform, tapped on AnyTag to gain new users for their Traveloka Eats feature on its mobile app. Find out how Traveloka successfully combined the diversity and scale of influencers and social media platforms to drive new users to order through Traveloka Eats!

traveloka case study

Traveloka drives usage of new Traveloka Eats feature with influencer marketing through AnyTag

October 14, 2021

We speak to Mikha Francoise on how influencer planning is like in Indonesia

Mikha takes us through the ropes of how the influencer planning team in our Indonesia office works. Mikha first joined the company as an intern back in 2019, and is now senior influencer planning executive and leads the team for Indonesia.


A Day in the Life of…an Influencer Planning member in Indonesia: Mikha Francoise

October 22, 2021

Our tech blog is jam-packed with insights and resources for engineers and developers

Feast your eyes (and minds) on a range of topics updated last month for our tech blog, including a quick guide to ProtoBuffers, using Context or Redux in React Application, Camunda BPM, Vue3, and Scrapy and Django, along with areas such as headless e-commerce with PopBox, designing our DOOH video player, AnyManager’s Progressive Web Apps function and more!

headless ecommerce

[Tech Blog] Betting On Headless E-Commerce

October 29, 2021

video player design in DOOH

[Tech Blog] Design of video player in DOOH

October 22, 2021

AnyManager PWA

[Tech Blog] AnyManager PWA

October 11, 2021

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AnyMind Group’s tech blog

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