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AnyMind Group’s influencer marketing platform AnyTag awarded Game-Changing Advertising Technology by The Drum

Apart from AnyTag’s win, publisher platform AnyManager was also a finalist for Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading (sell side)

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement platform for brands, influencers and publishers, has been recognized by a panel of distinguished judges of The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising APAC 2021, with the company’s influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, winning the “Game-Changing Advertising Technology” category, and the company’s platform for publishers, AnyManager, emerging as a finalist in the “Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading (sell side)” category.

AnyTag is a platform that enables marketers and communications professionals to discover, activate, manage, track and attribute influencer marketing activities. Features highlighted for the awards include in-depth tracking and attribution for influencer marketing, easy reporting, detailed influencer analytics, influencer lookalike recommendations, accessibility to marketing, PR and talent agencies, and influencer networks for white-labeling and accessibility for influencers through the AnyCreator mobile app. Other features mentioned include account social media analytics, creation of influencer lists, Marketplace and Engagement features and safety and security levers for influencer marketing campaigns and fraud.

AnyManager is a platform that provides online publishers with web and app analytics, monetization from over 70 demand partners, user engagement and build optimization. Features include in-depth revenue and user analytics for websites and mobile apps, monetization powered through AnyMind Tag Service for web publishers and AnySDK for app developers, user engagement enhancement features, build optimization, and more.

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group said: “We are constantly adding products horizontally, but also constantly improving our existing products. Having two of our products in the finals of The Drum Awards and AnyTag crowned Game-Changing Advertising Technology is recognition of our tech and business teams working together to create products that solve key market needs. We will continue our mission to make every business borderless and deliver even more innovations to the market.”

AnyTag and AnyManager are some of the products that the company launched in its early days to enable more effective and efficient commerce in the region, and in 2020, AnyMind Group expanded its portfolio of products to also include cloud manufacturing, e-commerce enablement and logistics, effectively establishing offerings that enable end-to-end commerce.

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