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Traveloka drives usage of new Traveloka Eats feature with influencer marketing through AnyTag

Online travel and lifestyle brand Traveloka uses AnyTag's Marketplace feature to drive usage of new feature usage on the Traveloka app


Traveloka, an Indonesia-based company, is an online travel and lifestyle platform that offers a variety of travel solutions including flight, hotel, and car rental booking services, integrated within one application.

To gain new users for the company’s Traveloka Eats feature on its mobile app, Traveloka worked with AnyMind Group and utilized the influencer marketing platform, AnyTag.

By combining the diversity and scale of influencers and social media platforms, Traveloka successfully drove new users to order through Traveloka Eats.


For this campaign, influencers invited five friends to purchase food coupons on Traveloka Eats using a specific code when checking out, resulting in attributable purchases. Traveloka also utilized Instagram as the main social media platform.

After successfully inviting five new users, the influencers also submitted their proof of purchase through the AnyTag platform.

The team selected users based on the above requirements and they uploaded a post on their Instagram feed with a caption template. After that, AnyTag’s post tracking feature helped Traveloka to track posts for the campaign.


A total of 76 Nano and Micro-Influencers joined the campaign through the AnyTag marketplace feature, and the campaign reached 128,498 audiences, with 8,536 likes, and 2,302 comments on Instagram over the influencers’ posts, ultimately generating hundreds of new users to use the Traveloka Eats feature.

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