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A Day in the Life Influencer Planning member in Indonesia: Mikha Francoise

At AnyMind Group, we’re all about enabling our customers to become borderless. This is done through our various platforms and a support team to help our customers to maximize the use of our platforms.

In this issue of “A Day in the Life of…” we speak to Mikha, who is part of a team that provides clients with the support to maximize the use of AnyTag, our influencer marketing platform. Mikha first joined the company as an intern in 2019 and now is Senior Influencer Planning Executive (Team Lead), and in charge of a wide range of tasks from supervising the daily working operation of the influencer planning team to creating business plans to help the company grow its customer base in Indonesia.

Here is a report of a day in the life of Mikha.

Your daily schedule

09.00 – 10.00 Let’s start the day!

Activity: Check all the emails in my inbox and my schedule.


“Every morning at 9 a.m, I will spend around 30 to 45 minutes to check my email for any new briefs from the business development team that have to be assigned immediately and prepare a to-do list so that our team can deliver tasks on time.

After that, I will check our internal communications platform to track all the communication that is related to the influencer planning team, internally and externally. The main point of this routine is to keep up with all the existing development of client briefs, the running of campaigns on AnyTag, and the team’s daily tasks.”

10.00 – 12.00 Working on my own tasks while supervising team members

Activity: Working on my own tasks while still actively checking group chat.


“I still have my own task to do huh? Hahaha kidding :p. Usually, I will continue my daily tasks such as tracking progress and updating financials to our internal reporting, and last but not least, analyze the team workload so that I can notice if my team’s task volume is capable enough to take a new brief especially ones with a tight deadline (for this case, we will have to negotiate with the client regarding the deadline adjustment or we will provide the list from AnyTag to keep up with the client’s requirements).

I will frequently check messages to see if anything happens in the middle of the working process, let the team members know if there’s a new brief that has been assigned to any of them, or dive into the work if needed.”

12.00 – 13.00 Take my break time to get lunch!

Activity: Get my lunch to boost my energy to be able to get through the super busy day!


“Usually if I’m working from home, I’ll just go to my dining table to see if there’s food or not. But…when we work from the office, at lunchtime, we will ask each other what food we’re gonna eat, and our favorite moment is to point out which team member is responsible for deciding what food we are going to order! Hahaha. I know it sounds simple to order lunch, but believe me…it’s more than that! :3

It will take around 30 minutes just for deciding the menu because when we ask each other about what food to order, our faces will continue looking at the laptop screen, our fingers are still typing, but our mouths…are asking about food! Haha until one person will give in and open up the app and order the food! That is how we sometimes spend our lunchtime at office :)”

13.00 – 15.00 Meetings, meetings, and meetings!

Activity: Sessions with internal teams for a quick team meeting, kick-off meeting, or a short briefing from the business development team


“Meetings are a big part of our day! Especially during this time where most of our meetings are done virtually. There are a lot of meetings that we have to attend such as internal quick team meetings where every team member will update on the progress of their work and share any issues that we can solve as a team, updates on AnyTag, execute kick-off meetings for some campaigns, and last but not least, briefing sessions – the business development team will give us detailed and comprehensive material that arms us to develop a strategy to help our clients!”

15.00 – 17.00 Continue our duty as influencer planners!


“As an influencer planner, our main duty is to develop briefs that we received from the business development team that we share with our clients. We work on a wide range of tasks from providing influencer lists from AnyTag to creating a full-fledged influencer marketing strategy recommendation for their campaigns! Sometimes we are also invited to present in front of the client about our strategy recommendations alongside the business development team.

On a daily basis, we handle around 5-6 proposals with different requirements in a day. Juggling between so many different projects at the same time is muscle memory for us :p

We also have to be able to manage our working time, not only to keep up with deadlines but also to finish our job accordingly so we can still have our own me-time at the end of the day! My me-time is to watch Netflix most of the time, and…I can guarantee that all of my teammates will be kinda shock when they see this…but I also like watching WWE matches! Hahaha, I watch both the men’s and women’s divisions! It’s very interesting!”

17.00 – 19.00 Wrap up the day!


“This one is my favorite part of the day! At this moment, I will sum up all of my work done for that day. I will also check my email inbox again to make sure I’m not skipping any inquiries that are related to the influencer planning team. Last but not least, we will fill up our daily reports of what we have been working on during that day.

After that, I will update my to-do list for the next day, so the next morning I can wake up with a calm feeling knowing that I already have a plan from 9 am to 6 pm, but let’s don’t forget…There might be sudden schedule changes that appear on our calendars right?! Shout out to the Indonesia business development team for kick-off meetings :p (With Love, Mikha).

And yeah, I will close the day by laying down in bed and just scrolling through my TikTok FYP page to see if there’s any interesting content to watch or to laugh at, or I will go see my mom in her bedroom and have a chit chat after a long tiring busy day.”

[Extra] What kind of department is the IM Division?


“Being part of the Influencer Marketing division is an amazing opportunity for me, as my colleagues know, I started my career in AnyMind Group in Indonesia as an Influencer Marketing Intern back in March 2019.

At that point, I didn’t really know how the influencer marketing business works, and how it affects brand and sales performance. My focus was just getting an internship in a company so that I can fulfill my graduation plan requirements in my university, and luckily I passed through the recruitment process and was hired by AnyMind Group.

On my first day, working on my first task and collaborating with so many people, that’s the time when I realized that I fell in love with this industry, especially my job helping our customers to do influencer marketing better.

As time went by, I discovered that influencer marketing is more than just what people think in a nutshell, in my team we were not only providing clients with recommendations, but we also provide holistic data-driven influencer marketing strategy recommendations to help brands grow their business with a various range of marketing objectives starting from awareness to sales conversion, the influencer marketing team ensures our clients are equipped with the best capabilities for influencer marketing – from the use of AnyTag to support for maximizing ROI in influencer marketing.

And not to mention working with so many different yet unique personalities in the influencer marketing team is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me, all of our differences unite us as a strong and solid team that keeps us growing personally and professionally each day. It is an honor for me to have this opportunity to work with this group of superstar collaborators from the influencer marketing team across all offices.

Last but not least, thank you to the Indonesia management team for putting your trust in me for leading the influencer planning team. I hope we can contribute more to the company’s goals and mission!”

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