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Expanding Friesland Campina’s Foremost into Laos and Cambodia

When looking at nutrients that are important for the development of children, most would immediately think of milk as one of the most important nutrient sources. Foremost is one of such brands that focuses on nutritional values and various nutrients. Parents of young children typically look for consumables that contain nutrients for brain and physical development for their children. That’s why Foremost invented and developed milk formulas for Omega Gold 369 and Omega 369 (sweet taste), delivering higher nutritional value including DHA, Sphingomyelin, MGFM, Vitamin B12, and calcium, compared to the original formula.

However, expanding a brand and products into new markets is not easy, with Laos and Cambodia being developing economies, accessing demographic insights can also be quite challenging.

What’s more, dairy products, especially milk for children, is a highly competitive space. In Laos and Cambodia, there already are various brands for parents to choose from, with each brand taking on different marketing strategies to reach and convince their target consumers. This includes the use of influencers such as mothers with young children, or nutrition experts to share about essential nutrients for children.

Furthermore, many brands are also promoting their products on owned media such as their own social media channels, in order to not just create awareness, but also meet consumers at a touchpoint where they are searching for solutions. Therefore, these factors mean that Foremost had a monumental task to become the first brand that consumers think of.

That’s why Friesland Campina turned to AnyMind Group to help Foremost get a headstart into the new markets. Leveraging social listening, Friesland Campina was able to understand where and what their target consumers are keen on and what their competitors are already doing. This was used as the basis of a marketing strategy for both influencer marketing and digital marketing.

Leveraging on AnyTag, Friesland Campina was able to discover trending influencers that match their brand. These influencers then reviewed and shared information about Foremost’s products to build greater confidence and convince target consumers to purchase.

In addition, there were also live commerce sales to drive purchases. For these live streams, Friesland Campina also tapped into online advertising to reach a wider but still targeted audience to join the live stream.

Ultimately, consumers in Laos and Cambodia were more aware of the brand’s products, giving an immediate boost to the Foremost brand and mind share amongst target consumers, even though Laos and Cambodia are newly entered markets.

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