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AnyMind Group launches analytics module and integrates its logistics and conversational commerce platforms to AnyX

Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads have also been integrated to AnyX

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced the launch of an analytics module and integrated its platforms for logistics management (AnyLogi) and conversational commerce (AnyChat) to its e-commerce management platform AnyX, enabling AnyX users to access detailed analytics into multichannel e-commerce operations, manage and track logistics operations, and perform customer engagement through a single platform. Both AnyLogi and AnyChat are still available separately to customers.

The company has also added several site analytics and advertising integrations, providing platform users with the ability to plug in data from Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads for Shopify web stores.

The above seeks to help online merchants better navigate e-commerce where store management, marketing, logistics, and customer support can be done out of a single platform instead of across a multitude of disparate sources and apps.

The company looks to help enterprises better manage the growing complexity of online commerce, accelerating a world where business is done through a single platform, is borderless and open, and data can be utilized and maximized freely across business functions, enabling higher levels of growth.

Analytics module on AnyX
With the new analytics module, AnyX users can now access consolidated and drilled-down reports, providing greater clarity and data-driven insights across store, product, and variant levels. This enables AnyX users to identify gaps across store channel sales, costs, online marketing efforts, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Users can input various costs involved in the sales of their products (including sales commissions, advertising and logistics costs, and more) to automatically calculate gross and marginal profit, making it possible to compare and analyze earnings by sales channel and product, ultimately enabling the use of data to improve profitability.

The Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads integrations enable automated calculation of metrics such as ROAS at storewide and product levels, and the attribution of advertising spend for individual products. This helps online merchants navigate the challenge of having to pull and merge disparate data and reports from various e-commerce and advertising platforms, where areas such as computation of ROAS can be otherwise an error-prone, manual process.

With the integration of AnyLogi, disparate warehouse inventory and sales data can be accessed in unison, reducing time needed to collate and cross-analyze from siloed sources. By making this cross-analysis accessible and easy, merchants can make quicker and more accurate decisions related to inventory, such as planning inbounds for restocking supplies or drawing on insights to market and move sales on seasonal products based on stock levels.

Available data and metrics on the analytics module for AnyX include:

  • Store, product and variant-specific metrics for orders, revenue, average order values, merchandise cost, gross profit, gross profit rate, logistics fee, marginal profit, and marginal profit rate;
  • Marketing and advertising metrics for sessions, conversion rate, discounts, discount rate, advertising fee, and ROAS;
  • Inventory metrics for total warehouse inventory and days sales of inventory.

AnyLogi and AnyChat integrations

Through AnyX, merchants utilizing the AnyLogi integration can now manage and track logistics operations across inbound logistics, inventories, suppliers, warehouses, products, and orders. The AnyLogi integration and data for supply chain and logistics are immediately available in Japan and will be expanded in the future into other markets.

In addition, AnyX users utilizing the AnyChat integration can manage and track customer chat conversations and customer information for LINE and Instagram through a single point, and connect their Shopify stores to link customer purchases and order data to chat contacts. AnyMind Group also recently released live commerce functionality on AnyChat. The company will continue to add other popular messaging platforms to provide a robust and centralized customer engagement avenue for businesses across customer chat touchpoints.

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group, said: “As we advance the next generation of commerce, we’re removing borders for businesses to operate with greater efficiency and speed to grow. This also means deepening integrations on our proprietary and third-party platforms, building synergy across our product suite, and continuing to innovate to bring more value to our customers. Our integrations of AnyLogi and AnyChat along with the analytics module on AnyX provide an already comprehensive and actionable view across various business silos. We will continue to add more data pipes and features to deliver even more powerful insights and operational efficiencies for online merchants and businesses to grow through our technology.”

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