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AnyMind Group adds Google’s PPID to AnyManager

Company continues its next-generation commerce push for publishers and now offers ID solutions to publishers from Google, LiveRamp and PubMatic

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced that Google’s Publisher Provided Identifier (PPID) is now integrated into and available for use on its platform for web and app publishers, AnyManager.

This follows a similar move earlier this year in integrating audience identification (ID) solutions such as LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution and PubMatic’s Identity Hub onto AnyManager, providing publishers with a way to easily implement and use the industry’s leading ID solutions and help advertisers to better reach relevant audiences.

With third-party cookies being phased out, the advertising industry is entering a new era of commerce. Within this shift, ID solutions, such as Google’s PPID, have emerged as a viable industry alternative to third-party cookies, providing publishers and advertisers with the means to continue transactions around audiences.

Hitoshi Maruyama, Managing Director of Publisher Growth, AnyMind Group, said: “As we provide publishers across Asia with a comprehensive tech stack through a single platform, we will also continue to partner and integrate the industry’s best solutions, ultimately opening up even more ways for publishers to enter the next-generation of commerce.”

A PPID is an identifier assigned to a user by the publisher and is usually associated with login information. This identifier is then encrypted and shared with advertisers, preserving a user’s identity and privacy. Advertisers are unable to know the specific interests of a user, but can use it to determine, for example, that a user is a good potential audience for travel-related advertising, because the user frequently visits travel-related sites.

With Google’s PPID, a user will receive a server-side first-party cookie from AnyManager and this is passed as PPID to advertisers. This means that publishers do not have to build specific login functions, but instead can rely on PPID to help identify users.

Apart from ID solutions, publishers using AnyManager can tap on a range of other features including monetization from over 100+ demand sources, analytics across revenue, web, app, social media, tools that improve user engagement, speed and site build, and integrations with 3rd-party ad verification solutions and Google Analytics. Publishers can also tap on AnyMind Group’s other platforms from manufacturing and e-commerce to marketing and logistics.

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