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AnyMind Group’s AnyChat now supports customer engagement on Meta’s Messenger

Users can now manage and track customer engagement across Messenger, Instagram Direct Message and LINE

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced that its conversational commerce platform, AnyChat, is now connected with Messenger, a chat application and platform developed by Meta, enabling AnyChat users to send and receive messages to their customers through Messenger.

With this update, businesses, online merchants and customer support teams can engage with customers in any market that Messenger is available in. Of the top 10 regions with the most Messenger users, five markets are from Asia Pacific, with a combined user base of 284.7 million in India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia (as of January 2023).

Out of the box, the Messenger connection on AnyChat includes:

  • Real-time messaging for AnyChat users with their customers, including using AnyChat to disseminate product information and promotional offers, and assign customers to specific customer support agents
  • Built-in customer relationship management (CRM) functionality including the ability to tag and group customers, reference customer data fields and activities and also track their orders (for Shopify-based stores).

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group, said: “As we enter a new generation of commerce, businesses have to be more accessible than ever before. This is why we’re constantly looking to expand the channels available for our customers so that they can maximize opportunities in e-commerce. Going forward, we will continue collaborating with a wide range of digital commerce channels to advance a future where data is accessible and maximized across business functions, and business is borderless, open, and can be done out of a single platform.”

Together with other connected platforms such as LINE and Instagram, businesses, online merchants and customer support teams can now manage and track online customer interactions across multiple chat platforms through a single interface, providing more efficient and streamlined customer engagement and support.

In addition, AnyChat users can tap on built-in CRM functionality that is connected to messaging apps and their e-commerce storefronts through Shopify, live commerce capabilities for Instagram, and the ability to build custom chat flows and auto-responses to frequently asked questions.

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