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Why online merchants should use AnyChat for their digital commerce

AnyChat empowers users to manage conversations across chat apps and online businesses

Today, consumers can look for goods and services through the screen of their phone, tablet, computer or other electronic devices without having to visit a physical store. This convenience for both buyers and sellers presents a multitude of opportunities for both to better engage with each other.

Consumers can easily browse pictures, videos and reviews before making a purchase. On the other hand, sellers can create a wider range of content and distribute this content across a variety of channels instead of just limiting it to a physical storefront, enabling potential customers to see and access the store wherever they are.

Some challenges for doing business online include making the store stand out from competitors and attracting customers who have never bought from a business or converting repeat customers.

One often overlooked aspect of e-commerce is with online merchants providing additional information or consulting their potential customers for products that they would like to purchase.

This two-way communication is important for doing business online, from product recommendations and alerting potential customers to offers and new products, to handling customer feedback and issues. A high-quality customer experience would mean that sellers should respond to customer questions timely and directly, or risk losing this customer.

AnyChat is one such tool that can help sellers and online merchants to effectively and efficiently engage with customers.

The intention for this product is not to be just a conversational commerce tool for one platform, but to become the center of communication for online businesses across chat platforms and e-commerce stores, enabling customers to seek information, stay updated about a business and make purchases natively through their preferred chat platform. At the time of writing, AnyChat is connected to LINE and selected e-commerce platforms, and will be integrated into more messaging apps in the near future.

Benefits of using AnyChat for online businesses and e-commerce sellers

1. Create a great customer experience through chat

AnyChat provides users with an enhanced shopping experience by collecting and analyzing sales data to facilitate conversations and increase opportunities to turn customers into loyal fans of your business.

2. Real-time conversations to drive more purchases

AnyChat enables users to drive customer curiosity further by identifying underlying customer needs through conversation, providing an experience to customers similar to that of store assistants in a physical retail store. This allows sellers to converse with customers faster and make purchase decisions more easily.

3. Saves manpower costs

Online merchants can streamline communication channels into AnyChat, providing a single hub for customer communications. With AnyChat, users can easily set up automatic responses to frequently asked questions which can be delivered to customers 24 hours a day, reducing the need for heavy manpower resources used.

4. Increase the number of repeat customers by continuously building relationships with them

AnyChat helps sellers build long-term relationships with their customers by tailoring conversations to suit each customer. From recommending new products that are similar to what a customer has purchased before and alerting them to new offers and product restocks, to notifying customers when their product is shipped and the ability to deliver a brand story that is built for chat conversations.

5. Connections to e-commerce platforms

By enabling data connectivity via AnyChat with merchants across e-commerce platforms, the complexity and cost of system integrations are eliminated, providing sellers with more time to engage with customers. Your end-customers are mapped to their customer IDs on e-commerce platforms, enabling AnyChat users to have easy access to past purchases and customer information to drive customer experience – it’s just like a store assistant that remembers what a customer likes, all the time!

6. Scale your business across borders

Tap on resources to help you create conversations that are tailored to markets across Asia, making it easier to scale your business and sell across the region.

All of the above stem from our intention to create a platform that helps businesses become more efficient, bringing forth the next-generation of commerce. Sellers can now look after customers more comprehensively, turn customers into loyal fans, deliver sustainable business expansion and easily utilize data efficiently and securely.

For more details about AnyChat, head here: AnyChat

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