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The most healing day of the work week: Fluffy Fridays at our Taiwan office

Our team works with the cutest colleagues for a healing time

Like to work with cats and dogs? If you’re an animal lover, you’ll love this weekly event happening in our Taipei office as much as we do. Here, we’ll introduce you to the cutest employees and most relaxing weekday of AnyMind Group in Taiwan: Fluffy Fridays!

How Fluffy Friday started

Fluffy Friday was initiated by our Taiwan general manager (GM), Wing Lee. She shared with us that: “Everyone usually has different pressures at work, and the purpose of having Fluffy Fridays is to give the team a chance to heal and relax and increase opportunities for our team to chat and interact. Our furry friends not only help us to adjust our bodies and minds, but Friday is the perfect day of the week to bring a relaxed atmosphere before the weekend.”

Every Friday, anyone can bring their pets to the office to work together, which not only allows pet owners to enjoy working with their pets but also allows colleagues who are not able to keep pets at home to enjoy the companionship of our furry friends.

They sometimes run around under our feet or lie on the table to accompany us in our meetings. In fact, they are probably the most popular team members – whenever these furry colleagues enter the office, the team will warmly welcome them and rush to pet and hug them!

Furry friends who have been visiting the office recently

Hana, who joined the team when she was just a child, is now a one-and-a-half-year-old cat. Kana, her owner, said that when she had adopted Hana, she was worried that Hana would be lonely at home. Kana used the opportunity of Fluffy Friday to bring Hana to the office and meet people. She also shared that the team in Taiwan is happy to help take care of pets, and it reassures her that there’s such an environment for Hana.

Daju is a cat raised by Chelsey, and he is often surrounded by people as soon as he arrives in the office as they like to take photos with him. Daju loves his colleagues and lets them pet and cuddle him. He also loves to roam freely around the office and even sits on the GM’s cabinet to supervise everyone at work!

In the dog section, Aya is first up – he was adopted by Bella. Although he is shy, he is full of curiosity and sneaks to the side of the office to secretly observe what everyone is doing. Gigi is a Corgi brought into the team by Joseph. She is often interrupted by her colleagues, carried to their seats, and forced to accompany them at work. Last but not least, JD is a Shiba Inu. When JD and Gigi are in the office together, they will chase and play in the aisles together, have snacks with colleagues, and become the point of focus for the whole office.

Fluffy Fridays and team bonding

Our Taiwan team loves the work experience that Fluffy Fridays bring. One of our team members who loves small animals, Rose, said: “Fluffy Fridays allows me to communicate with colleagues who bring pets! I look forward to coming to work every Friday, as I’ll know my fluffy friends will be there to say hi. You’ll have a very happy day!”

Fluffy Friday lets our colleagues across various business units who do not regularly interact with each other for work, have the opportunity to talk to each other and build closer friendships with each other. In addition, Fluffy Friday also lets everyone look forward to Friday, where they can have a day filled with laughter.

If you’re keen on starting your #AnyMindJourney and joining our team in Taiwan, hit the Career button on the top of this page!

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