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  • Product / Engineering

    The Product and Engineering department is the backbone of the company - responsible for all the technology that drives AnyMind Group's businesses across diverse industries.

  • Advertiser Engagement

    The Advertiser Sales department drives the growth of AdAsia Holdings' advertiser clients through solutions that provide the growth for marketers, businesses and the advertising industry.

  • Publisher Engagement

    The Publisher Sales department provides the publisher clients of AdAsia Holdings with solutions that drive the growth of online properties.

  • Influencer Marketing

    The Influencer Marketing department empowers both marketers and influencers with the right solutions for their needs - driving influence within communities.

  • Ad OPS / Strategic Planning

    The Advertising Operations department drives client outcomes, ensuring the best solutions to meet objectives.

  • Creative

    The creative department in AdAsia Holdings empowers clients to bring their storytelling to life across cities and cultures - building up a storyline that impacts and excites.

  • New Business

    As a technology organization, AnyMind Group is always innovating in new and exciting fields - with a new project never too far away. You can also find roles for TalentMind here.

  • Corporate

    The corporate department is the foundation of AnyMind Group, and consists of vibrant teams across finance, HR, corporate operations, strategic initiatives and communications.

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