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#AnyMindJourney: Suthida Phisranson (Jha), Deputy Head of Business Development, Thailand

How has your journey been until today?

Before joining AnyMind, I worked in more traditional marketing fields including media, events, and PR, but this was all offline marketing. The silver lining is that this set the foundation for me to understand the growth of marketing even before entering the digital age.

Digital marketing was something new that I wanted to learn and challenge myself, and I decided to join AnyMind, starting at the most junior level: business development executive. I gradually learned about the space and developed myself, cumulating into me becoming a team leader today. I feel very lucky to work here. As you can see, the world of media has completely changed. I have learned and gained a lot of experience from this company, and I’m always staying updated and learning new things. AnyMind is a company that moves quickly. To me, this is a benefit as I’m able to develop various skills.

What helped get you to where you are today, and what are some key traits that helped you grow quickly?

I can’t deny that AnyMind has helped me to develop myself in a short amount of time. The company expands quickly and is on top of new global trends all the time, and combined with my own challenge-loving and ambitious nature, I’ve been on an accelerated growth trajectory here. I have been with this company since the early days, when it was a startup – joining in its 2nd year of operations. I’ve had the opportunity to embark on various new things, and learn from trial and error.

One area that I love is that in AnyMind, the emphasis is on people rather than age, nationality or gender. The culture is one where everyone is open to discussion: We’re able to give our own opinions and if we don’t agree on something, we can argue to develop and solve things. This environment allows me to develop myself quickly. Simply put, opportunities can be found here if you put your mind to it and have the courage to express yourself.

What motivates you to achieve more, and what is your philosophy working here?

“Putting yourself where you want to be” is my philosophy. Not just in the workplace, but it’s all about my life philosophy as well. I believe that knowing what I want, makes it easier to understand and clarify what I need to do. When goals are clearly set, the results will be good. We will know what we have to do and work out the ways to reach the goals.

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