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AnyMind Group’s AnyX extends support for Rakuten SKU project

Aim is to improve user experience and reduce product management efforts to deliver greater operational efficiency

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced that its e-commerce management platform, AnyX, is now compatible with Rakuten Ichiba’s “Rakuten SKU Project.”

The Rakuten SKU Project aims to make it easier for users to find what they need by switching to SKU-based display for product listings on Rakuten Ichiba.

Previously, when searching for products on Rakuten, users encountered difficulties when different sizes or colors of the same product were listed separately on different pages. This made it challenging for users to find specific variations of a product. With the implementation of the Rakuten SKU Project, different variations of a product can now be listed on the same page, significantly improving the user experience and making Rakuten Ichiba more user-friendly.

As Japan’s largest e-commerce marketplace, Rakuten Ichiba is constantly evolving to become a more user-friendly platform for both brands and retailers. To achieve this, improvements have been made to product registration specifications and rules, with the Rakuten SKU Project being one such initiative. By enabling AnyX to be compatible with the Rakuten SKU Project, AnyMind Group aims to enhance customer experience, boost sales, and further streamline operations for brands and retailers on Rakuten Ichiba.

With this update, brands can improve customer experience and drive repeat purchases by making it easier to find products and navigate the website, resulting in increased conversion rates and longer visitor stay times.

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