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How we’re powering next-generation commerce for creators in Thailand to create sustainable business growth

We speak to the Thailand team leads for Creator Growth and D2C for Influencer departments on how AnyMind Group is driving the new creator economy

In recent years, there has been a rapid emergence of new creators and influencers. Driven by social media platforms, individuals have become (and continue to become) influencers and content creators. Although influencers are widely seen as deriving their income mainly from brand collaborations and sponsorships, other channels also provide additional streams of income, including advertising revenue from their content (platforms like YouTube), memberships to access exclusive content, follower support, and building their own brands and businesses, and going direct-to-consumer (D2C).

We speak to two department leads that are actively helping influencers and content creators to grow and driving the creator economy in Thailand: Jug, who is Head of Creator Growth, Thailand, and Pat, Head of the D2C for Influencers program in Thailand.


Lead of Creator Growth, Thailand, AnyMind Group


Jug leads the Creator Growth department for Thailand, providing influencers and content creators in Thailand with a multitude of ways to grow.

Lead of D2C for Influencers program in Thailand, AnyMind Group


Pat leads the D2C for Influencers program in Thailand and provides influencers and content creators in Thailand with tools and resources for them to build their own brands

Please share the origins of these two teams

Jug: The Creator Growth team started as a result of AnyMind’s acquisition of Moindy back in 2019. Through the AnyCreator influencer network, the Creator Growth team supports creators and influencers in content creation and brand collaborations through the AnyTag platform and AnyCreator mobile app. Previously, this AnyCreator influencer network was called CastingAsia Creators Network.

We also provide services to influencers and creators ranging from analysis of data through our platforms, content planning, production support and content distribution strategy optimization, along with helping our creators to create brand identities that attract followers and bring opportunities for them to collaborate with various brands and influencers. We support influencers and creators across platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and more.

Pat: What we do in our D2C for Influencers program is to support and help influencers to build their own brands and products. In Thailand, there are many influencers who have ideas for building a brand, but not everyone has the resources or knowledge on how to do this. The challenge of creating a D2C business is not just a matter of investment or risk, but also a matter of designing, production or inventory management and logistics. This also includes planning, promotion and marketing of the brands and products.

At AnyMind Group, looking across our platforms, we provide a one-stop solution for all of the above problems. From AnyFactory for cloud manufacturing and AnyShop for e-commerce enablement, to AnyLogi for logistics management and more. We also have in-house experts that can guide influencers throughout each stage of their journey.

Also, we have launched an online store for influencer products called PopBox. On PopBox, there are various influencer-branded products and everyone can easily discover new products and influencers!

So what makes PopBox different from other online retailers?

Pat: We are the first marketplace, at least in Thailand, that collects and distributes influencer brands.

Generally, merchandise can be easily purchased through online and offline channels, but it’s also not easy to find products made by influencers and creators. These are products that influencers and creators use to convey their own unique identity by implementing their own worldviews and designs on these products.

How can we add value to influencers? What kind of influencer is PopBox ready to support?

Pat: At AnyMind Group, influencers don’t just make products with us and sell those products. We also have various platforms, tools and teams to help them grow to their full potential. Either by creating opportunities to collaborate with brands through our influence marketing platform AnyTag, or increasing content monetization with the Creator Growth team that specializes in helping them grow. Of course, we also provide our own tools to help our influencers to easily create their own brand and products.

In fact, we’re already working with the most dynamic and exciting influencers in Thailand, and work with so many influencers across different categories! From YouTube fitness influencers to Facebook pages with more than 3 million followers. We are ready to work with all influencers who have a fan base and realize that they have this unique opportunity to grow even more.

As for Creator Growth, what are the strengths that our AnyCreator influencer network and app can bring to Thai creators today?

Jug: Our strength for our influencer network is in content strategy on YouTube (and also other platforms). We bring together technology, data, and expertise to create a highly unique offering and provide creators with data-backed strategies. With our team specializing in the effective use of YouTube and creative production, we are actually already enabling many famous creators in Thailand, but working behind the scenes.

We also focus on content production guidelines and the protection of this content. We have teams that research audience needs and combine them with the creators’ needs and identity guidelines to achieve the best output for both audience and creators.

And of course, our AnyCreator app enables influencers to check their own social media performance data (and receive opportunities to collaborate with brands!).

Why not become a creator yourself when you know the tactics and have the expertise to make multichannel creators successful?

Jug: Being a creator requires a lot of determination and effort as an entertainer, or simply, as an art. But if the creator still needs some guidance in strategy, we are ready to help them with it. Therefore, it has become art combined with science. Through our platform, we can get a lot of data about a creator’s performance and how it matches against competitors. I’m an expert in strategy but lack the art portion, and so I want to be the one behind the scenes to help creators grow with us.

Finally, where do you see the future of the industry?

Jug: Every creator will reach a stage where they want to grow even more, and having a partner like us is essential to helping them grow or take calculated risks to grow their influence. We want to help our creators take the next step and do things outside the box instead of staying in the same place and doing the same things, which ultimately leads to burnout. We hope that creators will see us as that partner to help creators grow in the long term.

Pat: We are always excited to be working with new influencers in Thailand, which means that we will have more influencer brands available on PopBox, which is now already one of the largest collections of influencer brands in Thailand.

Today, AnyMind is bringing next-generation commerce to the most exciting brands, influencers and publishers and helping them grow. Through our end-to-end commerce enablement platform, each stage of the commerce journey is facilitated by tapping on a mix of platforms and solutions.

For influencers and creators, this means providing tools and solutions to optimize and distribute content, grow social media channels both domestically and internationally, and support the incubation and growth of influencer-created brands. From business analytics, manufacturing, e-commerce enablement, marketing and logistics, we will continue to drive innovation in the commerce enablement space.

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