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AnyMind Group at Mumbrella360 Asia 2019

Mumbrella360 Asia looks to bring the marketing and advertising ecosystem together to “explore, expand, debate and make the connections that will shape future success.”

Happening in Singapore from 5-7 November 2019, Mumbrella360 Asia is “more than the region’s largest marketing and media conference.” With a mix of brands, agencies, marketing vendors and media companies, Mumbrella360 Asia looks to bring the marketing and advertising ecosystem together to “explore, expand, debate and make the connections that will shape future success.”

Held every two years, the event features 75 sessions over two days, a half-day, one-on-one networking session, eight content streams, masterclasses, a speaker’s corner, and exhibition area.

AnyMind Group, together with partner Arm Treasure Data, took part in this year’s Mumbrella360 Asia, sporting a booth with lots of giveaways from both companies!

AnyMind Group at Mumbrella360 Asia 2019

Activating the AdAsia and CastingAsia brands at the conference, attendees were privy to the latest updates from both brands of AnyMind Group, including recent developments in the DOOH space and building a more addressable and attributable influencer marketing ecosystem through CastingAsia.

Vivek Misra, Director of Strategic Initiatives, also joined a panel discussion alongside industry players including representatives from SpotX, Integral Ad Science (IAS) and IPONWEB, along with the former APAC Senior Vice President of InMobi, deep-diving into “Strategies to combat shady programmatic practices.”

AnyMind Group at Mumbrella360 Asia 2019

First up, the panel deliberated on what a “shady programmatic practice” actually means – with the majority of the panelists agreeing that many of the current issues around programmatic (brand safety, transparency, fraud) cannot be considered shady practices – these are fixable issues and ultimately, best practices and regulations are developed from these issues to progress the industry.

At the same time, awareness and understanding of how to leverage today’s available tools play a big part in contributing to the perception of programmatic being shady. Misra also shared with audiences how having an ad shown in a contextually unsuitable environment is not necessarily shady, but instead, should be attributed to the level of knowledge used when executing the buy.

The next question was around what marketers should know when jumping into programmatic. One of the first things mentioned was around understanding the capabilities of available buying platforms. Quoting a recent Southeast Asia study done by InMobi, Laura Quigley, Managing Director of Southeast Asia for IAS, shared that 88% of respondents said that they are using programmatic, but at the same time, 85% of respondents also said that they only have a basic understanding of programmatic.

For marketers to better leverage programmatic, Misra said that “There are three key questions that we help marketers understand.” First is where the ad is showing – something which can be solved with private marketplace deals, providing full domain transparency to marketers.

Secondly, is around context – is their ad being seen by an audience with the right mindset. Thirdly, whether marketers are correctly paying for ads – with third-party verification tools coming in big here to ensure the measurement of the right metrics (including whether the ad was even viewable).

On the topic of deeper questions to ask before jumping into programmatic, Quigley and Gavin Buxton, Asia Managing Director of SpotX, both mentioned that marketers should match ad-buying metrics towards actual business outcomes.

On this topic, Misra addressed how organizations need to align their key goals for an investment into a piece of technology – similar to tech or data procurement, and after that, evaluate if it is better to in-source or out-source, or build additional capabilities.

With advertising spend, platform capabilities and opportunities for marketers continuing to show increased growth around Southeast Asia and Asia, AnyMind Group looks to play a part in driving this growth across the region – through online advertising and influencer marketing – to ensure that marketers, publishers and even influencers, have the right tools, resources and guidance for further growth.

Thank you Mumbrella Asia for having us!

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