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AnyMind Group x Campfire Tribe Second Annual Fan Group Camping

Up close engagement with creators whilst enjoying a unique camping experience

Following last year’s great response to our first-ever fan group camping event organized with our long-time partner and Taiwan’s largest camping channel,Campfire

,we not only helped Campfire Tribe organize its second annual fan group camping event in 2024 but also expanded the scale of the event. This time around, it’s bigger and better, allowing more fans to participate and camp together with their favorite creators!

At AnyMind, our Creator Growth team is dedicated to providing content creators with not just our platform for creators, AnyCreator, which assists in community data analysis, optimization, fan interaction management, and other functions, but also in-market Creator Growth teams to provide content and monetization consulting support to help content creators continue to grow.

To make it more convenient for fans from central and southern Taiwan to participate in the event, we held our group camping activity at the David Campground in Caotun, Nantou. This time around, we had 60 camping spots to accommodate more fans! In addition, following the previous edition’s “Selection Market,” we not only invited many camping brands but also added diverse other businesses such as food trucks, beverages, and lifestyle products.

The brands participating in this Campfire Tribe group camping event include Camping Ace, DSSENT.OLOGY, Horizon, Neofla, Nespresso, ORCA, ShaoShao Life, Taiwan Tiger Brewery, Ingeer Boutique, Fostar GuTuo Revival Camping Car Exclusive Display Center. In the afternoon, Campfire Tribe’s channel host, Da Ge, also took fans around to explore the Selection Market and introduce various products. There is also a lucky draw activity on-site, where fans can collect points at each booth to participate in the exclusive fan lucky draw.

Unlike other fan meetings, this camping event gives Da Ge ample time to interact with fans, deepen the connection between Da Ge and fans, and also allows brands to get to know Da Ge better. This enables the three parties, ‘creator,’ ‘fans,’ and ‘brands,’ to establish long-term relationships.

This Campfire Tribe group camping event also had exclusive souvenirs for the participating fans, leaving plenty of wonderful memories in just three days and two nights!

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