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Unpacking BPaaS with AnyMind Group

Leverage on the strengths of AnyMind Group’s proprietary software, in-market experts and local networks to increase business accessibility and scalability across borders

Picture this: You are passionate about fruit punch and have concocted the ultimate fruit punch blend that will take the world by storm.

You start a fruit punch stand and want to sell your delicious fruit punch to passersby in the area. However, before your fruit punch touches the lips of your hypothetical customers, several steps need to be done: procuring the fruits, washing the fruits, mixing the fruit punch blend, preparing the stand, getting passersby interested in buying a cup of fruit punch, taking orders, and so much more (don’t forget to ask them to leave a review too!).

Each of these steps is part of a process – a series of actions – that ultimately leads to getting that first or 1,000,000th customer.

Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) is like that magical partner who is able to take care of various steps – even make some steps automated or more efficient – so that you can focus on the reason why you started researching into fruit punch in the first place.

For example, BPaaS can help you find and negotiate the best prices for your fruits available at the earliest delivery times, give a call to the fruit vendor, and order the fruits for you, instead of having to manually do it yourself. You can then focus on making sure your stand is ready for 100 customers on your opening day.

Now, let’s say you would also like to let your BPaaS partner help with setting up the stand. They are able to not just arrange everything in the most attractive way possible, but they are also able to use a tool that alerts anyone or everyone in the vicinity that there is fruit punch being sold and tell them why they should grab a cup of this magical fruit punch.

BPaaS is just like that capable partner who specializes in various tasks across your business process or business supply chain and handles those tasks so that you can concentrate on the areas that only you can handle, making your fruit punch stand more efficient and exciting for you.

What exactly is BPaaS?

Particularly useful for expansive software suites, BPaaS merges and creates an additional layer of value on top of Software-as-a-Service or SaaS (software-centric) and Business Process Outsourcing or BPO (operations-centric), by providing greater flexibility and scalability to the entire business process lifecycle.

Through BPaaS, enterprises can tap into agile and adaptive end-to-end process lifecycle management through a combination of technology and operations teams that leverage on local and regional best practices, for the designing, development, implementation, optimization, and automation across the business process.

Understanding the market environment for BPaaS, SaaS and BPO in Asia

In Asia, there are limited success cases of a pure SaaS model, where the value of software cannot be maximized due to challenges in mastering complex functionality and products. Even SaaS vendors that have seen success in other parts of the world find it difficult to provide maximum value to their customers due to organizational and operational structures.

On the other hand BPO, which focuses on outsourcing various business processes, also faces challenges due to its limited ability to improve operational efficiency through technology and data usage. In addition, transparency and visibility is limited for the enterprise, which also leads to a decrease in quality control.

With BPaaS, it is possible to maximize software value, regardless of internal systems utilized by the enterprise. In addition, it is possible for flexible implementation and utilization of operational digital transformation and artificial intelligence, as enterprises are not locked into a single infrastructure.

Diving into AnyMind Group’s BPaaS offering

Driven by market demand within Asia Pacific, we have been building in-market teams of vertical experts in 15 markets across Asia Pacific, paired with our proprietary software that delivers greater efficiency and transparency across the business supply chain.

Think AnyX for e-commerce analytics and management, AnyTag for influencer marketing, AnyChat for customer engagement, AnyLogi for international shipping, AnyDigital for digital marketing, AnyManager for publisher support, AnyCreator for creator support, and more.

AnyMind BPaaS offerings

We’ve also developed local networks of publishers, content creators, e-commerce platforms and logistics partners, to boost the network effect value of our software.

Over the years, we have also made various acquisitions of companies in the e-commerce enablement, direct-to-consumer, cross-border marketing, mobile marketing, publisher monetization, and creator monetization spaces, adding multiple dimensions of expertise and operational support on top of our proprietary software.

Here’s how AnyMind Group’s BPaaS can benefit your business:

  • Go global with ease: With the breadth of proprietary marketing technology and local/regional expertise, you can easily alert and attract the most ideal customers who are 20 hours away, and convert these customers through e-commerce.
  • Boost efficiency: Automate repetitive tasks through our software or get our experts to help with your operations, freeing up your time and resources to focus on what matters most: growing your business.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: With our finger on the pulse of the latest tech trends, you’ll always have access to the tools and strategies you need to stay competitive.
  • Tap into local expertise: Our in-market teams have the inside scoop on local regulations, consumer preferences, and cultural nuances, ensuring your go-to-market strategies have good outcomes.

We’re in the business of making it exciting for everyone to do business

Whether you are running a fruit punch stand or a billion-dollar enterprise, we want to make it exciting for you to do business.

Reach out today to unlock a new world of possibilities for your business.

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