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What does a cloud manufacturing platform do?

Before a product is released to the market, it has to go through various stages and iterations for ideation, product design, and production. Production is an important step in this process, which can also decide the success or failure of the product.

Poor production will lead to unsatisfactory output and damage to sellers. Good manufacturers have key requirements such as prestige, quality, and price. However, information about good manufacturers can be difficult to find, and businesses will take a long time to try and verify whether the manufacturer is good.

Cloud manufacturing is a model for creating goods, facilitated through an easy-to-use, online platform. This platform enables users to essentially communicate with manufacturers, including the provision of product designs and specifications, management of production projects, and more. Cloud manufacturing looks to eliminate traditional barriers to manufacturing – from geographical limitations to frustrations and miscommunications. This also means that cloud manufacturing platforms can store a repository of data regarding connected manufacturers, making it easier for businesses to understand whether a manufacturer suits their requirements.

AnyFactory is one such product, providing users with a platform to source manufacturers, design products, submit orders and manage the manufacturing process through a single platform. AnyFactory is also available through the Shopify App Store, enabling Shopify merchants to directly access the platform for their manufacturing needs.

Find the right manufacturer


How can a business find the best manufacturer for its needs? This is probably the concern of most sellers or individuals when starting a business that offers original products. Traditionally, the seller would have to search, contact each manufacturer, and visit each factory. This process can be time-consuming and can often be a hit-and-miss approach.

With AnyFactory, finding a production partner will no longer be a challenge. AnyFactory is connected to over 200 manufacturers across Asia, covering everything from clothing and cosmetics to sports gear and niche products. With a large data repository, AnyFactory allows users to discover manufacturers with factors such as price and quality, ultimately finding the best partner that meets requirements.

Project management through a single platform


Easily manage each phase of the production process such as ideation, sample production, and orders. Centralized management of all production processes across products and SKUs will help limit unnecessary errors such as data loss and asynchronous information, leading to incorrect or disrupted production.

The platform not only helps users to manage current projects, but also acts as a multi-purpose platform that enables users to store and manage completed projects, thereby helping users to easily collate and compare information.

Self-service product designing


Users can choose from a catalog of over 150 items including t-shirts, mugs, stickers and more niche items, and design these items. Each item and materials were checked by our team before they were listed in the catalog, to ensure that quality standards are met. Holding inventory is always a risk to sellers, but this will no longer be a challenge as AnyFactory allows sellers to produce various items in small lots.

Listing products on PopBox


PopBox is an online retail store by AnyMind Group created specifically for creator-made products. AnyFactory users can also list their products on PopBox. Launched in August 2021, PopBox looks to attract visitors who are looking for unique products, and serves as an additional distribution channel to help sellers reach a greater number of customers.

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