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Creating an office environment that excites! The welfare committee of our Taiwan team

Work is a big part of life, and the mantra “work hard, play hard” is one we live by. In addition to daily work, interesting activities are also required to create a lively atmosphere and connect teams together. The Employee Welfare Committee in our Taiwan office is dedicated to the welfare of employees. Apart from the typical birthday parties and afternoon tea breaks, there are various other employee activities that make working in our Taiwan office exciting.

Must-have monthly birthday parties: food, drinks and Q&A
Not only does the team enjoy birthday cakes, but the committee also prepares various dining themes such as a luxury KFC lunch, McDonald’s breakfast, Taiwanese traditional afternoon tea, and high-end Korean bento – and the team looks forward to these various themed lunches.

In addition to cake cutting, welcoming new joiners is also a part of the birthday party. Questions from colleagues will be posed to newcomers, and this way everyone can quickly understand the background and preferences of the newcomers. Even Sogo took part in the newcomer Q&A when he was on a business trip to the Taiwan office!

Christmas party and year-end holidays

December is the busiest season for the committee, as they prepare a whole afternoon of Christmas celebrations – not only a sumptuous lunch and snack bar but also games, so that everyone can have fun and connect better across departments. Most importantly, everyone can enjoy the joyful Christmas atmosphere together.

The end of the year also holds the most anticipated event for our Taiwan team. The 2022 year-end party was held in a hotel ballroom overseeing Taipei 101, with the theme “Bright Empire,” and creating an environment that is completely different from work. In addition to a lucky draw, there was also a beauty pageant and money-shoveling contest. Sogo and Keizo even participated in a hand-painting contest!

Living a healthy life
Apart from having fun, the committee also looks after the health of everyone. There was recently a one-and-a-half-month weight loss competition, and everyone formed teams and encouraged each other to live a healthy life. The top three most successful teams received bonuses and prizes!

Because of this, contestants even changed their typical meals to have healthy luch boxes, and they avoided the consumption of sweet beverages and candies. In addition, some groups also met for exercise after work and regularly monitor the progress of each other.

The Welfare Committee of our Taiwan team will prepare more activities and food in the future to make office life more exciting. We’ll share more when that happens!

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