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Evening sports activities with our Thailand team

Find out what our team in Thailand does to recharge and stay healthy

At AnyMind Group, we place importance to the physical and mental health of our team. We believe that having good physical and mental health will mean that everyone can perform to their best.

Each week, our team in Thailand can choose to join any of the sporting activities that we’ve lined up. The team can also suggest other activities and if it makes sense, we’ll support them and arrange those activities!

We’ll usually start the week with a game of football, and sometimes our Thailand country manager, Punsak (Oui) will join. When CEO Kosuke Sogo is in town, he’ll pop by too. This helps the members bond with the top leadership, and we’re pretty sure some of the team went light on tackles when they’re around.

Next up is badminton Wednesdays, a sport that is highly popular with the team too! Games are usually played in doubles, which means that the team can build on their teamwork.

Thursdays are for beach volleyball, which is not just fun for the players but also for spectators. We won’t name and shame, but there are definitely some who make the sides of others hurt!

For the other days, there’s no specific sport set – it can be boardgames (sports for the mind), basketball, bowling and even dance classes. This allows the team to have activities to do together, besides being stuck in a meeting room or the office. Most importantly, the team will feel more comfortable and communicate better with each other.

We also have activities such as TGIF every month where the agenda is the same – team bonding – but the delivery is different: we’ll have games, activities, food, and drinks. This helps the newer team members acclimate and engage with the team members who have been here for quite some time, but with lots of fun and laughter!

At AnyMind Group, we believe that having activities for the team is something that can help our members stay in good mental and physical health, which means that they can perform to their best.

Stay tuned for more in the future!

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