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Have a look around our additional and extended office space in Bangkok, Thailand

The new office space (2nd office in Bangkok) will house our production team from the Creator Growth department

Our Thailand team continues to grow! With over 200 employees based out of our Bangkok office spanning engineering, sales, operations and corporate teams, we’ve expanded the team even further and needed additional office space to accommodate our growing teams.

In addition to our existing office in Bhiraj Tower, we have added another office in Richmond Building at Sukhumvit Soi 26, a stone’s throw from Bhiraj Tower.

The additional space will house our production team, which is part of the Creator Growth department in Thailand. The space includes a venue for filming videos and ensures that the production team has a dedicated space for them to help creators to grow in the most conducive way possible.

Additionally, the design of the office space looks to increase interaction between employees and inspire creativity through an open concept layout. Employees can easily bounce ideas off each other and learn from each other.

The additional office space is still located in the heart of Bangkok, convenient to travel to, and just a stone’s throw from Bhiraj Tower. The reason for selecting this location is to enable employees to easily meet or get together with other departments.

With a minimalist design, the company’s core colors are still represented. The space also lets employees connect with AnyMind Group’s values of “Be open, be bold, stay updated, move faster and achieve together.”

With AnyMind Group turning six this month, we’re still growing even more. Check what else is happening through updates on our website!

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