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Helping publishers level up their app monetization strategy

At AnyMind, we’re big on equipping our customers with not just best-in-class technology, but also ensuring our customers have the insights and knowledge to succeed in a rapidly-evolving space.

Earlier this month, our Malaysia team held a four-hour workshop for mobile app publishers that dived into a range of topics – from ad monetization and user engagement tactics to Firebase A/B testing and user acquisition.

Hitoshi Maruyama, Managing Director of Publisher Growth at AnyMind Group started the afternoon off by delivering an opening speech and set the tone for an exciting afternoon.

The event kicked off with a presentation by Emily Khuc, Senior Platform Operations Manager, on ad monetization trends. Emily shared valuable insights on how publishers can leverage historical growth and forecasted revenue, estimate app downloads and projections for Asia, and develop seasonality trends and strategies for uptrends and downtrends. Her presentation emphasized the tremendous opportunity available to app developers in this growing market.

Vinh Nguyen, Monetization Specialist Platform Operations, then discussed ad mediation optimization, including Open Bidding and Mediation waterfall strategies. Attendees gained insights into using Firebase A/B testing to compare different mediation and ad format approaches and make data-driven decisions. Vinh also introduced the AnyManager SDK, a powerful tool that enables app developers to consolidate multiple demand sources and activate more demand with ease. She stressed the importance of ad placement best practices, including tailoring placements based on app category and format to balance ad revenue generation with user experience.

Emily continued to engage the audience with her insights on effective mobile user acquisition strategies. She emphasized optimizing user acquisition costs and paying attention to targeting strategies in the post-IDFA world, budgeting, creatives, mid-campaign adjustments, and their connection with app monetization to achieve meaningful growth.

To reinforce the effectiveness of the strategies presented, AnyMind showcased case studies that were carefully curated to demonstrate successful optimization based on real-world use cases.

Attendees also posed various questions to the experts on stage, and the afternoon ended with a vibrant networking session where attendees were able to exchange ideas and pick the brains of the speakers.

All-in-all, a productive afternoon for attendees, as they were able to take a crash course on the latest trends in app monetization and user acquisition, glean insights from other publishers, and get their pressing questions off their chest!

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