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AnyMind Group X Campfire (Taiwan)! AnyMind Group’s Taiwan creator “Campfire” holds fan camp for the first time

In addition to AnyCreator – a mobile app platform that equips social media influencers and content creators with functions for social media analytics, link in bio and brand collaboration discovery, along with advanced features to deliver email newsletters, chat messages, surveys and a CRM function – AnyMind’s Creator Growth team also provides influencers and creators with a range of consulting services from channel optimization and monetization strategy to various other ways to grow such as brand and merchandise creation.

The Creator Growth team in Taiwan has been working with content creator “Campfire” for over three years. With the passion and expertise in camping, Da Ge, the channel manager for Campfire, together with AnyMind’s capabilities in supporting creators, has grown Campfire into Taiwan’s largest camping channel with more than 272,000 followers. With the channel continuing to grow, Da Ge wants to give back to fans and provide them with a rare experience. Together with AnyMind, Campfire was able to hold its first fan camping event, inviting fans to camp with Da Ge, in-person!

In order to facilitate fans to participate in this event, the group camping event was held in the suburbs of Yilan City in Northeastern Taiwan. During the two-day, one-night event, fans brought their own tents and other camping equipment and they were able to share their experiences using these equipment. The team from AnyMind also brought in various camping equipment brands to set up a “camping market” at the campsite – and those who joined the event were able to try and purchase a wide selection of items.

The outdoor brands included:WHOLE EARTHHorizon 天際線POMOLYFILTER 017OTT GEARTREEWALKERORCAZERO BOTTLE根本在旅行, and more, presenting a wide range of products and uses to the campers. Da Ge also led online and offline fans to visit the “camping market” together.

The two-day, one-night camping event not only brought more viewing and exposure to the channel, but more importantly, fans of Campfire were able to interact with Da Ge in-person, increasing the connection between fans and creators. After the event, fans also shared a lot of positive comments, and many fans can’t wait to participate in the next camping event!

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