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A day in the life of...Deputy Head of Account Management, Thailand at AnyMind Group

Behind all the glitzy commerce enablement technology of AnyMind Group, our team is another important engine that moves alongside our platforms – helping customers to maximize the use of our various offerings across cloud manufacturing, e-commerce enablement, marketing, logistics and more. Today, we’ll take a look behind-the-scenes as we speak to Puntun (nicknamed Tun), who is deputy head of the Account Management department in Thailand for AnyMind Group.

Tun has been with the company since June 2018, and before joining AnyMind Group, he was living in Phuket and received offers from two companies in Bangkok – AnyMind Group and a well-known creative agency. Tun has experience in creative, marketing and sales, and he was attracted to AnyMind Group because of the company having and constantly developing its own technology. He recognized the opportunity to bring the experience gained from his fields of work and enhance it with AnyMind Group’s technology so that he can grow himself and the company as much as possible. Today, Tun has worked in the company for close to four years.


07.00 [Start of a new day] Find out what’s happening on social media

Staying up to date on trends is essential for Tun. As a company that provides technology and platforms to support next-generation commerce, it is important that members are aware at all times of what’s happening around the industry. This is essential for us to provide our technology and solutions to customers including businesses, influencers and publishers.

Every morning when he wakes up, Tun keeps himself updated about current events and what happened in the social media world in the past night, and if there are any situations related to our customers, Tun will share the content with his team in his group chat so that his team are alert to the situation and can prepare any potential solutions or plans to deal with the situation as quickly a possible.

“Most of the time when I wake up, I’ll update myself on trends first because there may be trends or important issues that occur at night. Working in such a fast-moving space, it’s important to stay updated and get on top of things first.”

09.00 Coffee every day before the start of work!

An indispensable thing for Tun is grabbing a cup of coffee to help start the day to the fullest. He often spends his time in the morning before work to make his favorite cup of coffee in the office pantry, and this is also a good time for him to chat with members from other departments.

One of AnyMind’s values is to Be Open, and that’s exactly what Tun does. The common spaces in the office are places where everyone can gather and chat with each other, and also get to know people from other departments.

10.00 Daily team meetings and updates

After clearing some of his own work, Tum will have meetings with junior members in his team and provide them with advice on their work. Tun sees this as of great importance as he believes that as a leader, providing this coaching and mentorship to junior members is important, and he won’t leave his team alone to solve problems. That’s why he uses the time in these meetings to understand issues raised and get updates on activities so that he can support the team.

In addition, Tun also said that organizing meetings in this format is especially beneficial for new joiners, as he is able to talk with team members all the time and can build closer bonds. Also, helping to solve problems that arise helps to increase teamwork and members are motivated to make the team more successful.

11.00 Coaching team members and providing solutions to the team

After meeting with the team to discuss activities and issues, Tun revisits the notes that he took and can focus on finding solutions for more complex problems. At the same time, he also looks for businesses that can benefit from the company’s tools.

During this hour, he’ll also work on activities such as talking to customers to provide them with assistance and advice that meets their needs, check reports to make sure objectives are met, and find solutions for objectives that have the potential to be missed.

12.00 Lunch break – finding great food around the office

Another team activity that can be done all the time and is done every day is to eat lunch together. With our Thailand office being located in a popular shopping mall in Bangkok – EmQuartier – our team never gets bored when it’s lunch time. There are many popular places for lunch within the mall, European and Japanese food around the building in the Sukhumvit area, along with traditional Thai street food. Working in this office, no one will go hungry, plus delicious food around the area is also a motivational factor for people to wake up and head to work.

13.00 Meetings with team leads

In addition to meetings with the team to get a better grasp of operations and provide solutions within his team, another equally important thing that Tun does is to meet with the heads of other departments. This enables him to find and build cross-department synergies. He believes that it’s important to exchange information and ideas with other departments to drive better operations across the company.

15.00 Checking the work of team members and working on his own tasks

After meeting with other departments, Tun will begin to revisit the notes he had taken down throughout the day, so that he can analyze and apply important areas to his department. He’ll then start clearing the work within the team by looking at reports and plans of the members within the team, and take a closer look at various updates and results.

18.00 [After work] Activities around the office – Work hard Play harder!

After a long day, Tun and other members of his team will loko for activities to unwind together, such as having dinner together or activities in the office that helps them break a sweat. Our Bangkok office also has amenities such as table tennis tables and other activities for all to relax after work together. In fact, table tennis matches feel like championships because we are motivated about everything from work to play.

At AnyMind Group, we have five values: Be Open, Be Bold, Stay Updated, Move faster and Acheive Together. This helps us to grow within the same culture and environment and are as satisfied as Tun and his team in the Account Management department – when everyone is happy together, work is enjoyable!

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