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Instagram leads in engagement rate for influencer marketing content, most favored by Hong Kong KOLs; high-potential for lifestyle content, trend for influencers to use multiple social media platforms

Following the State of Influence in Asia 2021 report, AnyMind Group has released the 2021 version of its Hong Kong-focused influencer marketing report

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement platform for brands, influencers and publishers, has today released the 2021 version of its Hong Kong-focused influencer marketing report in a bid to assist brands and influencers in Hong Kong to make better decisions about influencer marketing.

WIth data obtained from the company’s influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, the report looks at the most popular content themes of influencers in Hong Kong, the most popular social media platforms used by influencers, and more, and highlights several trends for the influencer marketing space in Hong Kong.

The report revealed that Instagram is the most popular social media platform used by influencers in Hong Kong, with a 53.77% share; followed by Facebook (24.58%) and YouTube (20.72%). With Instagram’s lower barriers of entry for content creation, it has become a platform that aspiring influencers can use to grow their influence. At the same time, a comparison of social media platforms used by the top three most popular influencer verticals in Hong Kong has Instagram as the majority-used platform, especially for travel influencers (57.19%), beauty influencers (50.11%) and entertainment influencers (47.27%).

By analyzing over 4,500 influencers from the Hong Kong region, the report also reveals that influencers who create content for the fashion & beauty and travel verticals mostly fell in the nano-influencers (1k-10k followers) category, whilst fashion & beauty influencers were the most populous in the micro-influencer (10k-50k followers) category. The bigger influencer categories such as macro-influencers (50k-200k followers) and top stars (more than 200k followers) make up the bulk of entertainment influencers.

The report states that this may be due to fashion & beauty and travel content being easier to produce and can grab more attention compared with other types of content, and is a good basis for influencers to start their journey. However, as the scale of influencers grow, entertainment content can build and maintain interaction with fans and shortens the virtual gap between influencers and fans.

In terms of median engagement rates when looking at the top three influencer verticals and the top three social media platforms used by influencers, the report shows that Instagram has the best overall median engagement rates compared to YouTube and Facebook, especially for fashion & beauty nano-influencers. The State of Influence in Asia 2021 report released by AnyMind Group in September 2021 also highlighted that Instagram accounted for over 50% of influencer marketing campaigns across 11 markets in Asia, followed by YouTube (26.1%) and Facebook (19.9%).

Looking at trends for influencer marketing in Hong Kong, the report states that there is a growing trend of influencers creating content across multiple social media platforms to grow their influence and open up more opportunities to collaborate with brands. For brands, one of the key areas to consider for 2022 to drive continuous attention with target users is to work with influencers across various verticals but with similar follower demographics, and look at new ways to communicate key messages.

Ben Chien, Managing Director, Greater China of AnyMind Group, said: “ Influencer marketing in Hong Kong is an effective way to communicate between brands and their target audiences. However, it is a highly competitive market as well. Therefore, finding the most suitable influencer and the right platforms to work with is the key. The publication of the Hong Kong influencer report aims to help marketers in Hong Kong to better understand the market and make better decisions. By providing a holistic view of Hong Kong’s influencer marketing landscape, both marketers and influencers can have better collaboration and make the business grow further.”

This report looking at the influencer marketing space in Hong Kong is an extension of AnyMind Group’s State of Influence in Asia 2021 report, leveraging on analysis of over 200,000 influencers in Asia on AnyMind Group’s influencer marketing platform, AnyTag. AnyTag was recently awarded “Game-changing Advertising Technology” in The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising APAC 2021. Marketers can tap on AnyTag to discover, activate, manage, track and attribute influencers and influencer marketing activities.

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