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Meet Eelyn Yeap: Senior Influencer Marketing Strategist, Malaysia

Eelyn shares with us about what it's like working in the influencer marketing team in Malaysia

1) Please share with us your background before joining AnyMind Group
I have been working in the influencer marketing industry even before joining AnyMind Group, but joining AnyMind allows me to have the opportunity to learn more than that, including the implementation of our own technology in influencer marketing, and also explore other things such as business strategy planning, digital marketing, publisher, production and etc.

2) Explain like I’m five: What do you do in your role, and how does it fit into the wider range of AnyMind Group’s business?
As an easier explanation, I sit in-between clients and KOLs. I need to ensure both parties have a smooth collaboration throughout the campaign period.

Aside from just being the middle person, I’m also the brain master for clients to come up with creative ideas for their influencer marketing campaigns. With this, we will also work with any necessary departments in AnyMind like the business strategy team, digital marketing team, publisher team, and production team, to create a holistic and creative campaign for clients and ensure we are able to achieve their main objectives.

3) How has your time been at AnyMind so far? What are the things that stand out to you about the company?
It’s great to be a part of AnyMind group, and having a group of young, friendly, and supportive colleagues is the best thing you can get here. We leave no one behind. We go through challenges together, and we make sure we have fun together after the storm.

4) How is it like working as part of your local team and also as part of the wider regional unit?
Working with the local team has been extremely rewarding for me, and seeing how supportive everyone is gives me the motivation to keep going. While working with the regional team allows you to learn more about the team and their culture. This also allows me to know more influencers from other countries and improve my creativity through their content.

5) What are some key traits that you feel people in your role should have, and why?
I would say Passion, Perseverance and Positivity. Managing clients and KOLs at the same time can be difficult at times because we need to balance both parties’ requirements and problems may occur sometimes. We also experience new things every day which can be a miserable experience. Hence, we definitely need the 3Ps (Passion, Perseverance, and Positivity) to keep us going. Always have a positive mindset and believe that every problem has a solution. Once it’s solved, you have leveled up.

6) What is an often misunderstood aspect of your role?
People often think we always and only hang around with KOLs which looks very fun to the outsiders. But other than this fun part, we do have another fun activity as well which is creating proposals on campaign strategies and pitching our ideas to clients as well.

7) What is one AnyMind platform that you cannot do without, and why?
It will definitely be AnyTag for me as I rely on it very often to check on KOL’s profile insights when I recommend KOLs to clients, as well as the reporting feature is the best where I can easily download a report to the client when they need it urgently before the campaign ends.

8) What is that one favourite local food that you would like to introduce to readers?
It’s pretty hard for me to list out my favorite local food because I can be quite picky when it comes to food. So, I suppose my favorite would be my mum’s homemade bento for me to bring to work during the weekdays. Because she will ensure I get to eat what I want while also getting a well-balanced diet.

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